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SAP SuccessFactors login page

Login to your SAP SuccessFactors account

Login to your SAP SuccessFactors solutions


Get connected to your own work environment as well as your company’s SAP SuccessFactors solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

The URL of the login page varies by customer and region. You should have received an e-mail notification with login credentials and a link to the appropriate URL. If you can’t find it, contact an administrator in your organization.

Although every organization is different, SAP SuccessFactors solutions system administrators are usually within the HR or IT department. Please contact your HR or IT department for help identifying your administrator. They can reset passwords, provide usernames, restore locked accounts, or perform other functions to help you access the system.

Your username is assigned to you by your organization. It may be the same one you use in other internal systems or it may be one that is specific your SAP SuccessFactors solutions system. You should have received an e-mail notification with login credentials, including your username. If you can’t find it, contact an administrator in your organization.

If your organization has enabled password help, click the “Forgot Password” link on the login page to either retrieve or reset your password. If password help isn’t available to you, contact an administrator in your organization for help resetting your password.

The Company ID is a short string of characters that identifies each SAP SuccessFactors solutions system – like a username for your organization. All users of the same system share the same Company ID, so you may be able to ask a colleague. You can also check your organization’s HR or IT portal for a link to the system. It may have the Company ID already included in the URL so you don't need to enter it. Otherwise, contact an administrator.

There are several possible reasons why you didn't receive the e-mail. It may have been directed to your spam folder, you may have entered your username or e-mail address incorrectly, or you may have entered an e-mail address other than the one we have on record – if so, try a different one. Or it may be that we were unable, for technical or security reasons, to verify your identity and confirm your authorization to access the system. If the problem persists, contact an administrator in your organization.

You may be using a different URL. A valid Company ID is required to access the system, but it can be included in the URL. If you see a login page that doesn’t ask for the Company ID, that's because it’s already included in the URL. Bookmark the URL with your organization’s Company ID in it so you won’t need to remember it in the future.

To reset a locked account, contact an administrator in your organization.

You applied for a job at an organization that uses SAP SuccessFactors solutions to host its career site. Please direct your questions or support requests to the organization you applied to.

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