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SAP Trust Center

Find the information you need on cloud performance, security, privacy, and compliance.

Keep business moving

Discover what SAP is doing to help employees and businesses in this time of global disruption.

SAP Letter Regarding Business Continuity

Safety and well-being continue to be top priority across the world as we manage the effects of the coronavirus.

SAP Security Products and Solutions Newsletter

Keep informed about the latest news and upcoming events.

Security for the Intelligent Enterprise

Security issue management

SAP’s commitment is to identify and address security issues affecting our software and cloud solutions. Learn more about how to report a security issue.

Data is the fuel for the world economy

SAP customers innovate on their path to an Intelligent Enterprise.

Run a safe and successful business

Learn about the SAP Global Security team and its network of specialized divisions that provide the insight, management, and monitoring that help you safeguard yourbusiness.

Powering your intelligent enterprise in the cloud

Discover how you can enable secure business and technology innovations and intelligent enterprise operations with the SAP Cloud portfolio and SAP Cloud Secure services. 

Data security

Helping you to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data.

Application security validation at SAP

Before SAP software is released or shipped to customers, a final validation of its security properties and data privacy controls is performed. This checks that the software is up to the challenges of real-life deployment at the customer site.

Business processes and global compliance

Business processes that are designed with global regulatory requirements in mind.

Policy framework

Learn how SAP internal processes follow defined compliance guidelines.

Compliance finder

Find the right SAP compliance documents for your needs including certifications, attestations, and SOC reports.

Expertise and commitment

Innovative and reliable partner helping you to secure your business.

Safeguarding physical security at SAP

Discover the steps the physical security team at SAP is taking to help ensure the protection and well-being of SAP employees and customers worldwide during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Championing cybersecurity

Learn how Peter Selfridge, SAP VP and global head of digital gov't and international affairs works with his team to influence and interpret the cybersecurity policies and regulations that protect the critical infrastructures of our economies. 

Get the latest news and trends from the experts

Ming Chang
Cloud Information Security Awareness Americas Lead

How to keep your Ariba solutions secure

Find a list of documents, to assist a Security consultant when securing Ariba.

Ming Chang
Cloud Information Security Awareness Americas Lead

Managing security in the SAP Cloud Systems

Take a tour of the practices, services, and tools that ensure your cloud operations are secure.

Mark Ciminello
Principal Engineer for Cloud Security

SAP Cloud Customer Audits

Fet some insight into auditing the SAP Cloud which includes hyperscalers.

Birger Toedtmann
Security Consultant

Ways to harden your systems at almost no cost

A discussion on major obstacles that drain resources when putting security measures into practice and what needs to be done.

Vic Chung
Director of Security Response

Do we still live in vulnerability disclosure dark ages

Read about vulnerability disclosure. and how difficult, it is to report a security vulnerability without public disclosure.

My Trust Center

Customer access to additional information

The support portal addition of the SAP Trust Center extends the public offering by granting access to additional documention available only to SAP customers and partners with a valid SAP user ID.

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