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What is SAP Human Resources (SAP HR)?

SAP human capital management (HCM) solutions provide strategic, innovative solutions for core HR and payroll, time and attendance, talent management, employee experience management, and people analytics to address your critical workforce transformation needs.

What is SAP Human Resources (SAP HR)?

SAP HR supports the next evolution of human capital management (HCM) – human experience management (HXM). 

As the next evolution of HCM, HXM empowers individuals to reach their full potential at work while strengthening the connection between HR and business operations, helping organizations create a sustainable workforce and profitable business. 

SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management (HXM) Suite builds on the best of HCM and extends it to create truly dynamic, engaging, and employee-centered experiences. The suite is designed around what people need, how they work, and what motivates them – supporting people throughout their careers and enabling human resources (HR) and leaders to accelerate business growth. 

Using SAP SuccessFactors solutions can help you put the right talent in the right positions, provide meaningful employee experiences, and build a highly motivated workforce in sync with your corporate objectives. You can put the power of our data-based insights into the hands of your HR department, your managers, and, most important, your employees. What’s more, analysts consistently recognize SAP SuccessFactors solutions as the leading products in our industry.

Redefine Employee Experiences with SAP Human Resources (SAP HR)

Learn how human experience management (HXM) solutions from SAP help people feel connected, empowered, and supported through every step of the employee journey.

Guided workflows

Merge best practices to integrations from other systems using guided workflows.

Localization frameworks

Remain compliant with local legal best practices for more than 100 countries, including payroll support in nearly 50 countries.

HR analytics and insights

Gain the insight you need to identify opportunities, risks, and trends with powerful HR analytics that turn intelligence into action.

Extensible foundation

Extend your HR capabilities by tapping into the power of SAP HR solutions and more than 300 partner apps.

What makes SAP Human Resources (HR) different?

HXM solutions from SAP can help you improve business outcomes in ten ways.

1. Simple and intuitive user experiences: Deliver engaging, individualized experiences that span HR and business applications, with embedded feedback loops to consistently monitor and optimize key moments across the employee journey.

2. Depth and breadth of capabilities: Address your critical workforce transformation needs, such as intelligent career exploration, comprehensive self-service options, and individualized recommendations for built-in guidance, with strategic, innovative solutions. 

3. Automated compliance: Leverage localization frameworks in more than 100 countries for core HR and 46 countries for payroll. We have more than 120 local product managers dedicated to understanding country-specific and regional regulations that impact HR, privacy, and security.

4. Cross-enterprise insight and intelligence: Increase visibility into your total workforce, workforce impact, and HR costs with insights into data from across the business and use artificial intelligence for planning.

5. Rapid innovation: Access prebuilt extensions, more than 300 HR partner apps, and an open cloud platform for building, extending, or integrating applications, so you can address unique business requirements with the flexibility and independence you need. 

6. Unmatched services and support: Complete your implementation in a timely and cost-effective manner by leveraging industry-leading best practices and a ready-to-use, preconfigured system to accelerate cloud adoption and business outcomes. 

7. Bottom-up approach to skill development: Realize greater potential across the entire workforce by understanding the evolving capabilities, desires, and needs of every individual, so you can build the skills and agility needed for the future.

8. Technology for a more inclusive workforce: Drive inclusion and belonging and help eliminate inherent biases at the point of decision-making with powerful features embedded across the suite that are accessible by users of all abilities.

9. Flexibility to start anywhere: Start where you want based on your critical needs, without the requirement of launching core HR first, so your journey reflects your strategy at the pace you want. 

10. Partnership with a recognized leader: Maximize results with a recognized market leader in human capital management, enterprise resource management, data integration, analytics, and platform as a service – with proven success for thousands of customers across all industries, sizes, and geographies.

Why choose SAP Human Resources (SAP HR) solutions?

SAP SuccessFactors solutions bring together the intelligent technology, data and insights, and connected business processes that are critical to making fast and efficient workforce decisions. They enable you to drive productivity, business agility, and people practices so you can compete and thrive today and in the future. You can leverage innovation from SAP SuccessFactors solutions and intelligent technologies as well as the power of solutions such as SAP Business Technology Platform. Discover how our innovative solutions can help you empower individuals and teams to reach their full potential and enable your organization to create a sustainable workforce. 


Manage a global workforce:

  • Reduce costs with a simplified landscape for managing your total workforce, global benefits, payroll, time management, document management, and HR service delivery
  • Increase productivity and employee satisfaction with end-to-end service experiences and consistent, standardized HR processes
  • Improve decision-making with real-time insights into your people data, aligning your HR and business strategy


Unlock human potential:

  • Enhance recruiter efficiency and improve the candidate and new hire experience with simplified, personalized, and intuitive processes
  • Increase learning agility, efficiency, and mobility with clear, compelling career paths and development opportunities that cultivate talent
  • Empower your managers to connect with, motivate, and inspire employees through continuous coaching and feedback
  • Improve employee engagement by helping employees understand how they’re valued through visibility into their total compensation package


Drive consistent employee engagement:

  • Collect feedback from employees at key touchpoints, so you can drive improvements in real-time
  • Leverage built-in guided action planning to improve engagement and retention 
  • Identify the optimal benefits package based on employee feedback and driver analysis 


Make better people decisions:

  • Strengthen your HR leadership with powerful, personalized insights that influence decisions and stimulate action for your workforce
  • Enable organizational agility and improve business results through comprehensive reporting and analytics that provide insight across the organization
  • Reduce risk by getting early insight into trends that can be disruptive to your workforce strategies


Accelerate innovation and agility:
  • Enhance employee efficiency by automating HR tasks with AI and ML
  • Increase engagement by creating dynamic processes and applications to accommodate when, where, and how your employees work
  • Improve business agility by connecting and automating your business processes with integrations, connectors, APIs, and best practices for a faster ROI

Hear from SAP Human Resources (SAP HR) customers

The SAP approach to innovation

Our innovation strategy is built on three dimensions. At the base, we build products by using transformative technologies that impact the entire HR value chain. From there, we build best-of-breed solutions and engage leading partners, pushing the boundaries of HR innovation and solutions. 

Transformative technologies

Reimagine your user experience by using next-generation technologies – such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, mobile solutions, and chatbots – to change the way HR functions. Now, you can deliver a dynamic, intuitive experience that’s personalized for each employee, so they feel supported and confident.

Best-of-breed solutions

Take advantage of our investments in delivering the latest HR solutions designed to meet your growing mix of workforce requirements, including employee experience management, candidate relationship management, and continuous performance management, and integration with other SAP solutions.

Partner ecosystem

Maximize your investment in HR solutions with open innovation and partner engagement. With SAP Business Technology Platform, you and your SAP partner can leverage packaged integrations, tools, and technologies to build applications quickly, integrate with applications smoothly, and extend new applications with greater ease. 

Innovation, Integration, and Extensibility

HR teams and executives must manage increasingly complex technology landscapes. To maximize visibility and enhance workforce management, you need applications that are agile and flexible enough to connect and extend as needed. Our SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite and SAP Business Technology Platform help you connect to and make sense of this challenging landscape. Using our cloud integration technologies along with applications offered by our extensive partner ecosystem, you can connect HR to the broader business and help ensure that your company is laser focused on innovation and agility. With SAP Business Technology Platform, you can create innovative new applications, extend SAP SuccessFactors solutions, or integrate with and across existing solutions, such as finance, travel, and procurement.

SAP Store

Discover enterprise application extensions in our SAP Store, the central marketplace for SAP and our partner offerings, including HR technology solutions, to maximize your SAP SuccessFactors investment.


Application extensions built on SAP Business Technology Platform are natively integrated to improve productivity and increase connectivity within and across organizations, and differentiate your HR organization to gain competitive advantage.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

SAP SuccessFactors solutions provide decision makers with the tools they need to identify and reduce unconscious bias where it occurs. They can change not just how they see and understand diversity, but also how they make decisions that cultivate a diverse and inclusive workforce.

How SAP SuccessFactors solutions enable a business beyond bias

Learn how to reduce unconscious bias from decision-making across the entire HR lifecycle, how to use analytics to influence key HR decisions and change behavior, and how to detect and prevent unconscious bias where it occurs.

Fighting workplace discrimination: a commitment to business beyond bias

We continue to combat systemic racism across the globe and need to do much more to advance racial and gender equality, reduce economic disparities, and be active allies for those who are marginalized...

Five workplace norms innovative HXM leaders are replacing right now

Adam Grant, host of the WorkLife TED podcast, wants us to replace best practices and group brainstorming with mind-opening networks of people unafraid to challenge...

Frequently Asked Questions

Search the list below to find answers to frequently asked questions about HRM (Human Resources Management) solutions from SAP SuccessFactors.

Today's most successful enterprises continuously review and improve their business functions, searching for new ways to streamline processes to increase efficiency and gain competitive advantage. HRM (Human Resource Management) is responsible for addressing the workforce aspect of this continuous improvement. 

Human resource management was originally an administrative function within an enterprise focused mainly on record-keeping. This role was primarily reactive;  Human Resources responded to the needs of both managers and workers but did not anticipate them. In the last few decades, HRM (human resource management) has evolved and become more proactive, from automated processing, to providing a new level of strategic value.

The people within your enterprise produce the goods and provide the services that fuel your enterprise. The human cost is often the biggest cost a company incurs. Well managed human resources directly improve your enterprise and contribute to a competitive advantage.

If your enterprise has strategic, value-added human resource management you can hire, motivate and retain the most capable workforce. You will have the ability to engage employees and line managers directly in managing their skills and careers to your enterprise's advantage. And you'll have accurate, up-to-date workforce information for managers and executives.

SAP offers an HRIS solution that not only automates HR operations in your organization, but provides experiences that enable a more engaged and productive workforce.  Major focus areas of SAP's HRIS include employee experience management, core HR and payroll, talent management, and HR analytics. With these solutions, SAP's HRIS software places employees at the center of business, ensuring both their needs and business needs are met.

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