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SAP Labs Network

SAP Labs Network is a network of SAP’s core research and development entities focused on developing and constantly improving key SAP solutions.

About SAP Labs Network

With 20 labs in 17 countries, the network drives thought leadership globally and in local ecosystems, allowing SAP to innovate, grow, and succeed. 

The art of being globally connected

Being plugged into the local ecosystem is a true advantage, so each lab seeks out partners, universities, and start-ups to build relationships as a trusted peer and thought leader on topics of strategic importance to SAP.  

Each lab has a particular focus on specific applications, technology, or the market. At the same time, our labs are constantly exchanging their best business practices to leverage each other’s unique insights.

SAP Labs Network locations

SAP Labs Network locations are strategically located in high tech clusters around the globe and reflect our culture of diversity and innovation. 

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Latin America

United States 


Middle East and Africa



Asia Pacific




South Korea




Czech Republic


  • SAP Labs France
  • SAP Labs Paris






Learn about our projects and partnerships

Enabling compliance with new legislation

SAP Labs Czech Republic 

Governments are increasingly applying information and communication technologies to facilitate public services, and our Globalization Services teams respond rapidly to this trend by using the latest technology. In early 2020, developers at SAP Labs Czech Republic in Brno adapted SAP ERP Human Capital Management to enable the processing of electronic sick notes. Thanks to this feat, data is now shared automatically between doctors, employers, and the Czech Social Security Administration.

Developing applications with start-ups

SAP Labs Latin America 

SAP Labs Latin America fosters ecosystem development by sharing the technical knowledge of SAP experts to unleash the creativity of the ecosystem. Their flagship program – SAP Innovation Unleashed – connects start-ups with SAP experts in business, design, technology, and social entrepreneurship to develop new applications integrated with SAP technology. As part of this program, international consulting start-up Intelsis created an app allowing companies to manage their work safety process in a centralized tool.

Sharing data across the automotive industry

SAP Labs Munich, Germany

SAP partnered with automotive value chain industry leaders to jointly build the Catena-X Automotive Network. The goal of this network is to create standardized data and information flows that maintain data sovereignty. Relying on the EU cloud infrastructure initiative GAIA-X allows for an efficient and secure data exchange. The network will drive significant advances in supply chain management, sustainability, quality management, and other benefits that will support the entire European automotive industry in navigating the challenges and opportunities of the digital transformation. 

Equipping our offices for the Future of Work

SAP Labs Canada

As people prepare to return to the office in many parts of the world, businesses need to adapt to a new reality. One location spearheading this transformation is SAP Labs Montreal, by moving into a new space specifically designed for the Future of Work in a post-COVID world. Adjustments include moving away from assigned desks and towards flexible workspaces that meet the needs of teams to foster collaboration and community. Additionally, state-of-the-art technology as well as sustainability and accessibility considerations were integrated as part of the renovation.

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