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SAP Labs Munich

About SAP Munich

The capital of Bavaria is one of Europe’s leading technology clusters with its unique ecosystem of global players, startups, research, and talents. 

SAP Munich is at the beginning of a new, exciting era - furthering our tradition of collaboration with the Munich ecosystem. Our goal is to be a leading innovation hub in commerce, industry 4.0, and sustainability. To that end, SAP recently sealed a first-of-its-kind partnership with Technical University Munich (TUM), including the construction of a new SAP Labs office for more than 700 researchers on the campus. SAP is an active contributor to life in Munich, supporting the city's ambitious digitalization 2025 strategy and continuing to be a key technology and innovation partner of FC Bayern Munich. 

Explore our projects and initiatives

SAP and TUM Collaboration

Learn more about the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and SAP SE launching a long-term research partnership including the construction of a new building on the Garching Campus.

SAP STAR Program with TUM

The SAP Student Training and Rotation (SAP STAR) program is unlike any other. It is a paid, multi-year, rotational training program designed to help Technical University of Munich students jumpstart their careers and dive into real-world project work. SAP STAR students have the opportunity to rotate into multiple teams while receiving on-the-job training and structured development and coaching from some of the top leaders in technology.

SAP.iO Foundry Munich

The SAP.iO Foundry Munich accelerates and enables business-to-business (B2B) startups in the field of customer experience. It leverages deep ties within the local entrepreneurial network to cultivate open innovation and successful joint offerings with international impact.

SAP Munich STEAM Kids

At SAP Munich we bring school kids closer to the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics) topics by offering a series of workshops where they learn about modern technologies and their power in an easy, playful, creative, artistic, and unforgettable way. 

SAP Garden

SAP is innovation and technology partner of the new multipurpose sports arena that will be located in Munich’s Olympic Park. SAP Garden is the future home of the EHC Red Bull Munich Ice Hockey Team and FC Bayern Basketball. The arena will use latest SAP technology to provide an exceptional fan experience. 

SAP Munich R&D Engineering projects and innovations

With over one-third of employees working in R&D at SAP Munich, a lot of innovations are happening across our lines of business. 


SAP Munich is working on developing and enhancing the most complete and agile digital e-commerce solution in the market. The cloud-native, mobile-first, headless SAP Commerce Cloud platform is built to help businesses drive more business agility and innovation, and deliver the best experience to customers. SAP Munich Commerce developers are constantly:

  • Expanding and advancing SaaS technologies to provide customers with a highly reliable and scalable e-commerce solution that offers continuous built-in innovations to ensure optimal performance and always-on business continuity
  • Inventing and refining new functionality to support customers to differentiate in the market
  • Creating e-commerce core serverless micro-services that bring flexibility and scalability to our customers, benefiting continuously and smoothly from most recent e-commerce practices introduced by SAP

SAP Customer Experience Labs

At SAP Customer Experience (CX) Labs, we investigate emerging technologies to identify upcoming trends and apply them to new business models to inspire the future SAP CX product roadmap. The SAP Customer Experience Innovation Space is helping Munich´s ecosystem to find solutions leveraging Design Thinking and cutting-edge technology. 

One of the major innovations from CX Labs is the prototype Chatbot Charly, which led to SAP Enterprise Chatbot offering our customers´ customers a very engaging conversational AI shopping experience. Other prototypes "KOI“ and "VIVO“, which help manage a decentralized digital identity, evolved into an SAP.iO funded start-up called OwnID.

Digital Supply Chain

The agile engineering teams of SAP Munich at location Hallbergmoos deliver innovative business applications that are part of the SAP S/4 HANA Digital Supply Chain solutions. They co-innovate with customers to provide intelligent services and apps in the area of manufacturing with a focus on inventory management, production planning, execution and control, and enterprise asset management. 

Recent innovations in manufacturing have been new UX solutions for Material Requirement Planning (MRP) and increased performance of the MRP run on the HANA database (‘MRP live’), which allows execution of MRP runs in much shorter cycles and analysis on real-time data.

Innovations in enterprise asset management include the new Actual Maintenance Cost Analysis app, which uses real-time data to enable maintenance planners to track and evaluate actual maintenance costs and provide insights needed to take immediate action. This is achieved by presenting business operations and business analytics in one dashboard.

Katarzyna Gerken
Product Owner

The challenge of transforming customer-specific requirements into general software solutions managed in a great team keeps me motivated every day. 

Industry 4.0 & Supply Chain Innovation

The Industry 4.0 & Digital Supply Chain Innovation team is addressing Industry 4.0 relevant challenges in research and co-innovation projects with customers

.It is part of the SAP S/4 HANA Digital Supply Chain and develops approaches with autonomous systems like robots in warehouse management scenarios. 

To accomplish that, multiple technologies from edge to cloud, machine learning, or distributed process management are needed that will enable customers to address many automation challenges. In addition, interoperability as the key enabler of Industry 4.0 is being implemented by the team to enable new business models and to reduce integration efforts based on industrial standards.

Helge Dickel

Combatting real customer challenges together with great colleagues while also being able to work on and even drive cutting-edge technology is an accelerating experience.

Climate 21

SAP’s product vision is to embed sustainability as a new dimension of success in all analytical and transactional applications in end-to-end business processes across the entire value chain. And in doing so, help customers address three dimensions of success – top line (business model innovation), bottom line (operational excellence), and green line (sustainability).

The SAP Munich Climate 21 team develops cloud-native applications and services to support our customers in understanding and acting on their sustainability impact in all relevant business processes. For example, these applications plan to make it easy to calculate the CO2 emissions of relevant business activities based on data from various SAP systems. The team leverages state-of-the-art technologies to build standard products that help our customers in pursuing their climate-related objectives of the 21st century. 

SAP User Experience Mobile Center of Excellence

The SAP User Experience Mobile Center of Excellence Team Munich builds mobile solutions with state-of-the-art cloud technologies and on-device capabilities tailored for radically transformed business models and the future of work. Two examples are the Corona-Warn-App which the team helped to design and develop, as well as the app SAP Project Companion. The latter connects to the SAP S/4HANA Cloud essentials edition and allows project managers and consultants to facilitate collaboration with team members and track project execution.

Benjamin Hindelang
Development Architect

Working in a friends-like team with inspiring people from all over the world and having the ability to create and influence with my ideas and spirit is what makes me go to work happily.

SAP Innovation Center Network

SAP Innovation Center Network Munich is the latest addition to the SAP Innovation Center Network. The mission is to future-proof SAP by exploring and contextualizing transformative technology with their internal and external partners, researchers, and students. The SAP Munich team focuses on new foundational platform technologies for the intelligent enterprise in close cooperation with academic partners at TUM and other leading institutions.

Open Source Technologies

At SAP Munich we are developing multiple open source projects – projects with its code accessible for everyone to reuse and contribute to. This way, SAP is supporting its partners and customers in building and extending their applications exactly the way they want to, helping them fit into their own specific technology landscapes. Project Kyma (extending applications cloud-natively) and Project Luigi (enterprise-ready micro frontend framework) are great locally made examples of how customers can benefit from such an open approach.

Kyma is a platform for extending applications with serverless functions and microservices. It provides a selection of cloud-native projects glued together to simplify the creation and management of extensions. Luigi on the other hand helps you to build modularizable, extensible, scalable, and consistent UIs and Web Apps. With it, you can create a unified user experience around your complex functionality in a distributed development environment. 

Kubernetes Runtime

In Munich, we love following the path of openness when building applications ourselves. Our Kubernetes runtime (full name: SAP Cloud Platform Extension Factory, Kyma runtime) is based on the Gardener and Kyma open source projects that SAP itself has launched. With this new runtime customers as well as internal teams can build cloud-native applications and services to extend SAP and non-SAP solutions. The runtime gives organizations the ability to develop their own SAP application extensions with their cloud-native developers and create unique customer experiences.

Lilit Ghazaryan
Scrum Master

Being among great people, who I can learn from, who I can support, and who support me, is what truly motivates me.

SAP Munich is a vibrant, innovation-oriented workplace characterized by a diverse workforce of over 60 nationalities. Committed to a focus on research, over one-third of SAP Munich employees are part of our research and development team.   

SAP continues to be an attractive employer in the region. In 2019, BrandZ recognized SAP the Most Powerful Brand in Europe and Germany. At the 2019 Glassdoor Employee’s Choice Awards, SAP was chosen as the No. 1 Best Place to Work in Germany

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