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Great Place to Work

Welcome to 1 Denison

Explore our new ANZ headquarters, equipped with state of the art facilities, a 5 star sustainability raiting, and embedded with our goals to streamline the employee experience and simplify our organisation for customers. 

We are Australia's 3rd Best Place to Work!

We are delighted to announce that SAP Australia & New Zealand has been named the 3rd Best Place to Work in Australia! This is the third year in a row that SAP has received this award, and we share our success with everyone involved in the SAP ecosystem.

‘Great Place to Work’ is a global research and consulting firm that specializes in measuring employee engagement and organizational alignment in high performance workplace cultures. Read on for more about our win, or continue below to find out why SAP ANZ is a Great Place to Work.

SAP A/NZ moves into its new HQ office in North Sydney

The company’s new local home is in a Winten Property Group commercial office tower, 1 Denison in North Sydney.

The new facility has allowed the company to house all its brands in the same building for the first time, to reflect its “new strategic focus on a simplified and streamlined experience for its people and customers”.

Why SAP ANZ is a Great Place to Work

There are many reasons SAP Australia and New Zealand is considered a Great Place to Work. SAP knows that Best Run businesses have the ability to change the world. In order to maintain being a Best Run business, SAP emphasizes the importance of strong investment in their employees. But don’t just take it from us; SAP ANZ was recognized in the top ten of the ’50 Best Places to Work’.

Take a look at the below articles to discover more on why SAP ANZ is a Great Place to Work.

The Best Run Podcast

The Best Run Podcast is a monthly podcast series centered around business, people and innovation. Tune in to listen to Rushenka Perera, Head of Marketing, SAP ANZ as she interviews leaders in business and thought in Australia, New Zealand, and from around the globe. 

Who We Are: Delia Deng's Story

'Who We Are: Delia Deng's Story' At SAP, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.” Hear about how Delia’s coming-out journey led her to become her most authentic self, and how that has added business success throughout her SAP journey.

Employee Well-Being: A Healthy Measure of Success

As a pioneer in employee health and wellbeing, SAP understands the importance of fostering a culture of care. SAP ANZ has implemented a ‘Healthy Habits’ program, to ensure financial fitness, physical fitness, nutritional wellbeing and mental fitness amongst all employees. Learn more about how SAP ensures top-tier health and wellbeing of their employees.

Inside SAP’s LGBTI+ Inclusion Program

SAP recognizes the importance of being your most authentic self – inside and outside of the workplace. Hear from Evan Mantis, Executive General Manager of Consumer and Service Industries at SAP, as he deliberates the how being open and honest about who you are contributes to a better workforce and better society at large.

SAP Named in the Top Best Australian Workplaces for New Dads

SAP strives to promote a healthy family-career balance for both mums and dads alike, and has numerous policies and strategies to provide new parents with additional leave entitlements and assist with childcare responsibilities. Find out why SAP was named as one of Australia’s best places to work for new dads

Helping People Respond to Disruption and Thrive through Change

"Work-life balance is a struggle at the best of times, but now it's so important employees find time to pause and recharge." Hear from SAP ANZ's CFO, Gina McNamara as she details how we're making sure SAP remains a Great Place to Work, even from home.

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SAP ANZ PR Contacts

SAP PR representatives are available to provide the media with information about SAP and its products and services.

Georgina Bonner

Head of Corporate Affairs

SAP Australia and New Zealand

+61 (0)430 756 469

Fred Azis-Laranjo

Head of External Comms

SAP Australia and New Zealand

+61 (0)455 504 197

SAP Australia Whistleblower Policy

SAP Australia Pty Ltd recognises the importance and encourages the reporting of potential misconduct or a potential improper state of affairs relating to the Company. Amongst other things, reporting draws attention to issues and allows them to be addressed before they create a significant risk to the Company. It also supports the Company’s long-term sustainability and reputation.

This policy is an important tool that will help the Company to identify wrongdoing. It also supports ethical and responsible corporate behaviour.

The policy provides information about:

  • the protections available to whistleblowers;
  • the process for disclosure of organisational misconduct;
  • the persons to whom protected disclosures may be made;
  • how the Company will support whistleblowers and protect them from detriment;
  • how the Company will investigate protected disclosures; and
  • how the Company will ensure fair treatment of employees who are mentioned in protected disclosures or to whom such disclosures relate.

To make a report under SAP’s whistleblower policy you can email the Office of Ethics and Compliance Mailbox.

SAP Australia and New Zealand Purchasing Terms and Conditions

As the global business environment is continuously changing and demanding more from companies and its employees it also expected for us to conduct ourselves ethically and responsibly. It is essential that we conduct ourselves at all times with integrity and in full compliance with the laws and regulations that govern our global business activities.

SAP has established a set of company standards of business practices and regulatory compliance that are set out in the Standards of Business Conduct which applies to all SAP employees, directors, and officers.

The Global Procurement Organisation (GPO) has been established to assist SAP develop Vendor relationship that assist SAP to delivery to our clients, best in class, goods and services and Vendors that share our commitment to the principles of a code of conduct.

We invite you to explore the Australian and New Zealand (ANZ) GPO site and choose if you would like to work with SAP to address the business needs of our clients and of SAP.

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