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Snímka obrazovky SAP Process Automation, ktorá sa používa na notebooku.

Jednoduchší a rýchlejší spôsob automatizácie obchodných procesov

Dosiahnutie jednoduchosti a rýchlosti riadenia workflow bez kódu a automatizácie robotických procesov (RPA).

Make process automation work for you

Build workflows and automate tasks and decisions with an intuitive and powerful no-code development experience.

Workflow Management

Workflow Management is now a standard functionality in SAP Process Automation to help create forms, manage decision logic, and build, adapt, and organise process flows with simple drag-and-drop functionalities.

Robotic Process Automation

RPA is now a standard functionality in SAP Process Automation. Automate repetitive manual tasks, integrate applications on the user interface level, and scale on demand.

Embedded Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Access built-in AI capabilities for intelligent document processing and decision assistance without data scientist support.

Explore the latest release highlights and product road map

Release highlights

Discover the potential of low-code and no-code capabilities with the latest tools available in SAP Process Automation.

Product road map

Explore your current options, as well as planned innovations and future features and functions.

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