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Combine machine in a large wheat field, representing the agribusiness industry


From farm to fork, you can create transparent and sustainable food supply chains with agriculture software from SAP.

The future of the agriculture industry

Agribusinesses must meet the demands of an expanding population, a scarcity of natural resources, climate change, and food waste.

Graphic representing top of mind topics for agribusiness including sustainable farming, resilient food supply chains, ethical sourcing, and digitalization and agritech
Sustainable farming

Using AI to analyze farm data helps agribusinesses preserve soil fertility, prevent pollution, and protect biodiversity.

Resilient food supply chains

New technology is helping companies overcome the unique vulnerabilities of food supply chains while responding to external shocks.

Ethical sourcing

Top agriculture businesses are tracking their impact on people and the planet and adopting more sustainable sourcing strategies.

Digitalization and agritech

Digital agriculture technology (agritech) is key to achieving zero hunger. For example, drones offer insights into pest protection.

Innovative agribusiness solutions from SAP and our partners

Solutions that address specific agribusiness industry needs help you achieve cost-effective transformation and sustainable growth.

SAP Intelligent Agriculture

Increase farming efficiency and sustainability by digitalizing your farming processes and services and enabling data-driven farming operations.

SAP Agricultural Contract Management

Get real-time visibility into contract performance, inventory, and risk for your agricultural commodities. You can manage and control contracts with thousands of business partners for a wide range of commodities.

SAP Business Network Material Traceability

Trace food and ingredients as they move throughout the food chain using a logistics network that supports end-to-end processes.

SAP Agricultural Origination Portal

Digitalize collaboration and connect with your farmers in a modern, digital, and Web-based channel, and provide greater visibility into your commercial agribusiness.

SAP Rural Sourcing Management

Connect smallholder farmers to your agriculture supply chain and get greater transparency into the source of your raw materials using digitally recorded information on producers, their farms, and their communities.

SAP Broker Reconciliation for Commodity Derivatives

Make the comparison and reconciliation of commodity derivatives faster, more efficient, and more accurate by importing broker statements and including risk derivative information from third-party systems.

Explore how we can help your agribusiness run better


Improve farming efficiency and sustainability from plan to harvest by optimizing farming operations and implementing data-driven intelligent farming processes while managing agricultural data consistently across your enterprise.

  • Farm operations optimization
  • Farm, field, and crop management
  • Real-time data and insights collected by farming devices

5%–10% potential reduction of total farming costs by optimizing the application of farm inputs and use of resources in the field

Source: SAP Value Lifecycle Manager

Value is created when data from different systems is available in one place. SAP provides a solution that enables integration between ERP and IoT data to support end-to-end processes.

Rob Coombe, CIO, The Royal Eswatini Sugar Corporation Limited


Leverage flexible industry practices throughout the deal lifecycle to strengthen trading operations while mitigating price volatility risk and working collaboratively with farmers through farmer portals to develop reliable future suppliers of produce.

  • Dynamic price management
  • Inclusion of crop details in the sales terms in grower contracts
  • Intuitive app to promote farmer collaboration efficiency

Up to 20% reduction in customer churn by operating a tailored farmer portal and enhanced services to retain farmers as customers

Source: SAP Value Lifecyle Manager

By integrating the value chain using SAP Rural Sourcing Management, we have achieved traceability and built the foundation for our vision. We give a face to cashews – which is the face of the many vibrant women and men who farm and process cashews from Cashew Coast.

Salma Seetaroo, CEO, Cashew Coast


Create quality, batch-managed products that support continuous processing control, and maintain product integrity by providing production staff with recipes and process instructions.

  • Coverage across the manufacturing cycle
  • Identification and prioritization of critical material issues
  • Process monitoring across supply, production, inventory, and demand
  • Management across the meat value chain
  • Industry-specific functionality for dairy and protein processes

36% higher operating margin where organizations use IT to enable strategic and competitive advantages

Source: SAP Performance Benchmarking

SAP Meat and Fish Management by msg covers all the processes in our value chain. With this application, we have a fully integrated system, from ERP to the shop floor. Thus, we have removed a lot of subsystems and therefore interfaces. Reduced complexity is definitely an advantage.


Build more flexible, responsive, and resilient supply chains to manage the vulnerabilities in agricultural value chains and establish supply chain transparency. You can trace finished products from farm to table and meet the growing consumer demand for safe and sustainable food.

  • Traceability of multi-ingredient food production
  • Blockchain technology
  • Item serialization to gain high-resolution tracking insights
  • Integrated business planning across enterprise processes
  • Transportation management

92% of direct spend “leaders” use a network to collaborate with suppliers

Source: “Close Collaboration That Goes Beyond Transactions,” SAP, February 16, 2021.

Using SAP Business Network Material Traceability together with Scantrust’s Unique QR Codes for Farm-to-Consumer Traceability solution, we can take consumers on a virtual journey. We can travel from our roastery in Bremen, Germany, to the farms in the highlands of Guatemala where the arabica beans for our four specialty Guatemalan coffees were grown.

Jörg Lehmann, Senior Manager Coffee Operations, Melitta Europa GmbH & Co. KG


Unify farmer and customer insights from multiple touch points to hyperpersonalize engagement and deliver exceptional experiences across channels while improving e-commerce and extending transactions into social, video, and streaming services.

  • 360-degree customer and farmer view and real-time analytics
  • Omnichannel commerce and customer service
  • Intelligent microsegmentation
  • Marketing performance and spend management
  • Value-added services and subscription billing management

With SAP Marketing Cloud and nexoya, we can evaluate marketing activities across multiple channels and make data-driven decisions about our future digital experience strategy.

Marcel Härtlein, Global Head Digital Transformation, Emmi Group

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