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Business is complex – your business network doesn’t need to be

What is SAP Business Network?

SAP Business Network is a cloud-based collaboration offering that can help you transform disconnected supply chains into unified, collaborative, and intelligent networks that remove barriers and centralise data.

With a unified network, you can connect to all trading partners through a single directory, collaborate using shared data and workflows, and apply network-wide intelligence to guide decisions to adapt and improve your business.

Centralise trading partner management

  • Deliver a uniform, consistent onboarding experience for trading partners, such as contract manufacturers, suppliers, carriers, and asset manufacturers
  • Provide one, easy-to-use portal for your trading partner network
  • Discover new trading partners for your business needs

Redefine collaboration through network-wide process orchestration

  • Enable integrated trading partner collaboration from new product introductions through maintenance
  • Empower your trading partners to improve their service to your company with visibility into key collaborations
  • Collaborate with trading partners to confidently respond to supply chain disruptions and changes

Deliver predictably and reliably with integrated intelligence

  • Understand network trends and identify risks and opportunities with preconfigured analytics
  • Proactively sense and respond to changes in supply and demand across your network
  • Predict potential risks that could lead to supply chain disruption

Unlock new ways of running your business

Get started with RISE with SAP

RISE with SAP is an on-your-terms and on-your-timeline transformation to the Intelligent Enterprise. It’s a single offer on a single contract that allows you to change when and how you get to where your business needs to go. It offers lower TCO, faster time to value, and the flexibility to address disruption without high upfront investment. It’s everything your business needs for holistic transformation – all in one place. 

Leverage the network effect for your business

Build resilience against global disruptions and maintain the flexibility you need to transform business models, while running your business as sustainably as possible, by connecting your partners, supply chain, and data through SAP Business Network.

Get started with SAP Business Network

Connect buyers and suppliers on a single, networked platform

Enable buyers and suppliers to collaborate on transactions, strengthen relationships, and discover new business opportunities by using Ariba Network to manage the entire procurement process and build a healthy supply chain.

Ease intercompany logistics with collaboration and insights

Connect business partners with intercompany collaboration and insights by using SAP Logistics Business Network to provide a central entry point to manage logistics transactions, exchange documents, and gain transparency.

Optimise asset performance with a central repository

Collect and track equipment information in a central repository to facilitate collaborative asset management and take full advantage of the IoT with SAP Asset Intelligence Network.

Explore SAP Business Network use cases

Manufacturing and distributing goods that require specialised handling

Optimise the manufacturing and distribution of products with specialised or critical handling requirements by integrating with shipping and warehousing to improve situational awareness, tracking, and end-to-end supply chain management.
  • Reduce risk by introducing advanced track-and-trace capabilities and checkpoints throughout the supply chain for greater compliance and safety
  • Increase transparency and sustainability and transform the buying experience with intelligent insights and a connected supplier collaboration network
  • Ensure logistics partners have the right processes and infrastructure in place to remain compliant with regional, national, and international regulations

Reducing downtime with frictionless maintenance and service

Improve facility maintenance operations, predict maintenance needs, and enable proactive responses by connecting operating data from critical equipment with planning and production systems, AI, and machine learning to gain real-time information about equipment performance.
  • Use inventory optimisation strategies to determine where to add buffer inventory
  • Improve on-time orders to ensure the correct part is available at the right time and cost
  • Make quick decisions and address any downtime issues with a unified view across the value chain
  • Predict potential supply chain disruptions, inform stakeholders, and analyse the impacts

Minimising the operational impact of changes on the supply chain

Manage unexpected changes to the production supply chain or logistics across an intricate ecosystem of suppliers, distributors, and logistic providers by using real-time situational awareness to discern complex supply chain issues, identify options, and address changes.
  • Use real-time data inputs from the value chain to trigger processes directly
  • Visualise the entire value chain and ensure greater business continuity to deliver higher quality products and services
  • Rely on constant collaboration between supply and demand for an active, flexible, and efficient network
  • Manage delays proactively and give all stakeholders milestone information, like real-time tracking and shipping estimates, to reduce logistics costs

Analysing and streamlining trading partner performance

Manage trading partners effectively across the entire lifecycle by taking a centralised network approach for onboarding and managing partners to reduce complexity, increase automation, and streamline business processes with customers, suppliers, and distributors.
  • Support users’ day-to-day business activities on the network, while using data to achieve tactical and strategic goals
  • Get a standardised view of business relationships through data-based performance measurements
  • Use data from every contact point to make each interaction more informed, each process more efficient, and each experience more meaningful

Increasing business agility in a digital ecosystem

Gain the agility and transparency you need to react to change faster and take advantage of new opportunities by leveraging networked digital marketplaces for finding and onboarding new trading partners and supply and logistics providers quickly.
  • Provide a unified experience for all networks to manage global orders, streamline the procurement process, and find and work with partners easily
  • Collaborate on transactions, strengthen relationships, and discover new business opportunities
  • Minimise complexity with a single entry point for trading partners
  • Enable customers and partners to play different roles in different contexts

Including third-party networks in a digital ecosystem

Continue using proprietary business networks, like customs or freight networks, to support specific business needs by incorporating them into the digital ecosystem to maintain the agility needed to compete effectively, react to market conditions, and enter new markets.
  • Connect with existing networks to extend reach and increase value
  • Enable the seamless exchange of data and insights from third-party applications to drive greater levels of collaboration
  • Promote sustainable and resilient supply chains and transform business models for more flexibility

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