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Monitor displaying SAP Transportation Management

SAP Transportation Management

With integrated transportation management, you can gain the visibility and control to optimise logistics and improve services.

Strategic Freight Management

Advanced analysis, forecasting, and simulation can help optimise your freight procurement.

Order Management

Rules-based orders can be supported by dynamically generating the best routing proposals.

Transportation Planning

A choice of manual, map-based, and automated planning and dynamic replanning functions helps balance freight costs and service levels.

Explore the latest release highlights and product road map

Release highlights

Learn about new features, functions, and highlights in the latest release of SAP Transportation Management.

Product road map

Find out about planned innovations and future features and functions for SAP Transportation Management.

SAP applications and APIs

SAP applications

Extend product capabilities with APIs and applications from SAP and use the ecosystem to build sample apps, extensions, and open integration with SAP.

SAP API Business Hub

Discover APIs and prepackaged integrations from SAP and select partners to connect solutions to your existing software landscape or develop a custom extension.

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