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SAP Supplier Portal

SAP Business Network

Welcome to the SAP Supplier Portal SAP Business Network page. This page provides information for all suppliers that are conducting business with SAP through SAP Business Network – a secure, global platform where buyers and suppliers can collaborate on business transactions, and manage Purchase Orders (POs), Invoices and Catalogs.

SAP migrated to SAP Business Network for all electronic transaction processing. As part of this migration, SAP sends all POs to Suppliers using SAP Business Network and requests that Vendors submit their invoices to SAP using SAP Business Network.


Currently, SAP is using SAP Business Network in 23 countries. If you are not located in one of these countries, please refer to the FAQ section below for more instructions.


Get SAP Business Network account supplier training, including how to configure your account and transact with customers: 

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General Information

Looking for more information on how to use SAP Business Network? 

Are you the designated SAP Business Network administrator?

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SAP Ariba offers a wide range of interactive tools, documentation, tutorials, articles, and more to help you get the greatest value from your SAP Business Network account.

PO and Invoice Exchange

Learn how to use SAP Business Network to exchange Purchase Orders and Invoices in electronic format.

Frequently asked questions

Find support resources and contacts for suppliers.

Watch this video to learn about Standard vs. Enterprise accounts.

Please contact your regional SAP Procurement Operations team:


Europe, Africa, and India: 

Americas, Spain, Portugal, and Italy:  


Please contact your account administrator.

Please contact the SAP suppler registration team at

Learn about recommended communication channels for a better experience with billing issues.

Keep your company information up to date in SAP’s vendor master database, including changes in your company data (name, address, tax ID, bank account, etc.) by emailing:


Guided Videos

Account Overview

Get Ready to Transact

Create an Invoice

Additional Services


In addition to SAP Ariba purchase orders and invoices, the supplier has an option to upload a catalog file on the SAP Business Network. The catalog file includes information about the provided items including images, detailed descriptions, delivery time, pricing, etc. Once a supplier uploads this catalog file to SAP Business Network, it is reviewed and activated. In case of any changes (e.g. price or availability) the supplier has to upload a changed catalog file.

SAP Business Network supports Catalog Interchange Format (CIF). A CIF file can be created with any word processor, text editor, or spreadsheet application. 

Before you begin: Learn the pre-requisites for catalog enablement

Integration Solutions

If you have more than 500 invoices per year with SAP, the document exchange can be automated with an integration scenario. The implementation is made without specific IT infrastructure. The project lasts around three months with the assistance of your technical resource. A supplier integrator from SAP Ariba will support you during the whole process.

Please find the respective guidelines below.

To evaluate the feasibility to run this project, please contact GPO Operations

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