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SAP Supplier Portal

Welcome to the global SAP Supplier Portal page, where you can find localized procurement terms and conditions, the SAP Supplier Code of Conduct as well as further information you need to conduct business successfully with SAP or affiliates. We build sustainable relationships with our suppliers to help fulfill our operational needs, stimulate economic growth in the communities we serve, and satisfy the expectations of our stakeholders.

General Terms and Conditions for Procurement

The General Terms & Conditions for Procurement, or GTC apply to the purchase of goods or services as referenced in the relevant Purchase Order from SAP or affiliates. The GTC covers legal clauses such as those relating to Confidential Information, Intellectual Property, Warranties, Confidentiality and Limitation of Liability.

By selecting the agreement type below, you may find the agreement documents referenced in your Purchase Order from SAP or affiliates. These GTCs are provided for your review, download and printing.

SAP Supplier Code of Conduct

SAP’s Global Procurement Organization continuously strives to contribute to SAP’s vision to help the world run better and improve peoples’ lives. Pledged to the goal of integrating sustainability into SAP’s core business, our procurement policy and practices are based on high ethical standards. As we regard our supplier base as a critical and a necessary extension of our operations and success, we are committed to create positive impact in this direction throughout our supply chain.

The framework of acceptable conduct SAP expects from its contractors, consultants, suppliers, vendors, and all other third-party companies that comprise SAP’s supply chain is set forth by the Supplier Code of Conduct. It is based on SAP’s commitment to the United Nations Global Compact, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and the International Labour Organization and all SAP’s new suppliers are obliged to sign it.

SAP Supplier Travel and Expenses Reimbursement Policy

The SAP Supplier Travel and Expenses Reimbursement Policy is intended to clearly reflect SAP’s values, strategies and principles and defines the standards and principles for reimbursement of preapproved Suppliers’ business travel-related expenses.

ARIBA Supplier Information and Support

Welcome to the SAP Supplier Information Portal. This portal provides information for all suppliers that are conducting business with SAP via the Ariba® Network. The Ariba® Network is a secure, global platform for exchanging business transactions such as purchase orders, invoices, catalogs and payments.

SAP has recently migrated to the Ariba® Network platform for electronic transaction processing. As part of the migration, SAP sends Purchase Orders to all suppliers exclusively via the Ariba® Network and requests from the vendors to submit their Invoices back to SAP via the Network as well. Currently SAP is using the Ariba® Network in 23 countries.

Moving from paper-based Purchase Order and Invoice flows to electronic channels is an efficient way to cut costs and enhance supply chain integration. This Solution benefits vendors by providing real-time Purchase Order and Invoice delivery; a reduction in administrative business expenses and exposure to new business opportunities.

With no hardware or software to install subscribing to the network is simple. As an entry level you can even transact on the Ariba® Network without any registration – via interactive email PO. All instructions regarding registration or invoicing without registration is included in the PO that you are receiving from SAP via the Ariba® Network.

Looking for more information on how to use the Ariba® Network? Please visit our Help Center.

Support channels

SAP is changing Buyer Ariba Network ID

Dear valued suppliers,

As part of our “SAP runs SAP” transformation, SAP Global Procurement Organization have introduced Ariba Guided Buying on
October 29th, 2018 as the new internal Procure-to-Order platform.

What is changing for you:
You are receiving Purchase Orders from a new SAP Ariba Network ID (AN01056592684).

For any questions, please contact

ARIBA Fee Support Contact Information
Contact ARIBA Collection Email

Further services

Integration Solutions

If you have more than 500 invoices per year with SAP, the document exchange can be automated with an integration scenario. The implementation is made without specific IT infrastructure. The project lasts round 3 months with the assistance of your technical resource. A Supplier integrator from Ariba will support you during the whole process.

Please, find the respective guidelines below.

To evaluate the feasibility to run this project, please contact GPO Operations.

SAP Integration on Ariba
cXML Guidlines

Early Payment Program

The Ariba Early Payment Program enables buyers and suppliers to collaborate over payment terms and the execution of early payment of approved invoices in exchange for a discount of the face value of the invoice.

Benefits for Suppliers:

  • Accelerated Cash Flow – You can expect your receivables to turn into cash at a faster rate
  • Reduced Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) – With a reduced DSO you will free up working capital for other needs
  • Control over Payment Timing – You can request early payment on all invoices or on individual invoices

For more information:

Click on the link to review Early Payment Supplier Guide
Click on the link to view the guideline how to complete tasks for payment acceleration
Click on the link to view FAQs


Beside the Ariba Purchase Orders and Ariba Invoicing the supplier has an option to upload a catalog file on the Ariba network. Such catalog file includes information about the provided items including images, detailed description, delivery time, pricing, etc. Once a supplier uploads this catalog file to Ariba network it is reviewed and activated. In case of any changes (e.g. price or availability) the supplier has to upload a changed catalog file.

Ariba Network supports the following catalog type: Catalog Interchange Format (CIF)

CIF file can be created with any word processor, text editor, or spreadsheet application. Click on the link within the CIF file to see guidance for “How to create a catalog CIF file”.


Fieldglass Supplier Enablement

SAP has recently completed the acquisition of Fieldglass®, the world's leading cloud-based Vendor Management Solution (VMS) Provider in Contingent Workforce Management. This was a key step in SAP’s effort to deliver an industry-leading end-to-end Service Procurement solution to our customers and it is central to SAP´s overall cloud strategy.

Fieldglass Standard Web Trainings are available.

For support related to Requests, Work Orders or other Procurement Operations related activities, please send a message or contact the Procurement Helpdesk:

  • For EMEA: Email | Hotline: +49-6227-747255
  • For Americas: Email | Hotline: +49 6227 77 88 70
  • For APJ: Email | Hotline: +49 6227 77 88 70

For support related to Fieldglass Supplier account set up contact

For support related to Supplier Invoice / Payment Status, contact Accounts Payable:

For questions on C-user ID Management, Temp Staff, or general External Worker process:

  • Global toll number and main contact number for the EWFC: + 49 6227 7 78894
  • North America toll free number: 1-855-727-2020
  • North America local toll number: 1-610-325-6556
  • EMEA toll number: +420 25711 8688

For Fieldglass technical support, contact the SAP Fieldglass Help Desk directly, alternatively you can find the most often technical case and resolutions here:

  • US (toll free): 1.866.467.4833
  • EMEA (toll free): +44 0800.169.1741
  • EMEA (toll free): +44 0800.169.1674
  • APAC (toll free) +61 1800 395 912

Quick Reference Guides

How to Invoice on Fieldglass & Invoice Corrections
Accept Statement of Work and Add SOW Workers (Services Procurement)
Create manual invoice in SAP Fieldglass
Submit Events_SOW line items for approval
Respond to Job Postings (Services Procurement)
Accept Work Order (Services Procurement)
Time Sheets and Expense Sheets (Services Procurement)
Invoicing and Reporting (Services Procurement)
Respond to Job Postings (Temporary Staff) 
Accept Work Order (Temporary Staff)
Worker: Create account and complete onboarding 
Worker: Complete Timesheets and Expense Sheets 

SUS Support EMEA

Who should I contact in case of any SUS Web Tool technical or SUS billing related questions or problems? In all cases you must contact the SUS Supplier Helpdesk, who acts as first level support for all your SUS related issues:
call the hotline (+49-6227-747255)
Problem Category Whom to Contact?
Project-related billing data entry in the SUS Web tool Your SAP Project Lead
SUS support & user issues (blocked users/creation) SUS Supplier Helpdesk
Confirmation tracking & cancellation (errors/status) SUS Supplier Helpdesk
SUS supplier activation issues SUS Supplier Helpdesk
Self bill invoice issues SUS Supplier Helpdesk
SUS/SRM software problems SUS Supplier Helpdesk
Payment issues Accounts payable
(see email address on your purchase order)
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