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MOD Pizza serves up better experiences

This pizzeria chose SAP S/4HANA Cloud ERP to manage rapid growth and delight employees and customers. 

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Machines Can’t Dream

People are concerned about robots. Ever since a computer system defeated chess champion Gary Kasparov 20 years ago, public perceptions of progress in artificial intelligence (AI) research have been defined in terms of high-profile competitions pitting human against thinking machine.

Michael Phelps, Bill McDermott Share Their Winning Moves

Industrie 4.0: Why Openness and Collaboration Make All the Difference

It is so important for companies, governments, and academia to work together in – and on – the fourth industrial revolution. The success of Industrie 4.0, from the factory floor to the board room, requires cooperation at a national, regional, and global level.

A Recipe for Retailers That Want Their Mojo Back

The last thing on my mind when I got to NRF 2018: Retail’s Big Show was buying jeans, but that changed when James Curleigh, president of Levi’s Brand, rode his bike up to the stage guided by Waze to the sound of Bob Dylan’s classic tune. 

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