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Join the many top businesses and sports organizations that are bypassing complexity and transforming rapidly with SAP HANA.

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Why Your Digital Transformation Should Focus On Growth — Not Disruption

Digital transformation is often impressive, but it doesn’t have to disrupt an entire industry. Growing your business with the right technologies can create a huge competitive advantage — and even a barrier to entry for would-be competitors.

Michael Phelps, Bill McDermott Share Their Winning Moves

Michael Phelps, Bill McDermott Share Their Winning Moves

More Than Noise: Digital Trends That Are Bigger Than You Think

In the tech world in 2017, several trends emerged as signals amid the noise, signifying much larger changes to come. As we noted in last year’s More Than Noise list, things are changing—and the changes are occurring in ways that don’t necessarily fit into the prevailing narrative.

SMEs and IT Vendors: More Than Just Friends

Small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) are looking for deeper relationships with IT vendors and say trust and mutual respect are more important than cost savings in these partnerships.

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