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Don’t miss a session, demo, one-on-one, topic, or good time at SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference,
June 5-7, Orlando, FL.

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Got Your Surfboards Ready to Master the Wave of Digitalization?

It’s no secret that digital transformation is a reality. There is no doubt: every company no matter the size or industry must tackle the challenges and opportunities the digital era offers.

Michael Phelps, Bill McDermott Share Their Winning Moves

Machine Learning In The Real World

Over the past few decades, machine learning has emerged as the real-world face of what is often mistakenly called “artificial intelligence.” 

Technology’s Role In Helping Businesses Do More With Less

While all of us have a role to play in this, businesses like SAP have a unique one due to their reach and power to make a positive impact. We have the responsibility to stand for a higher purpose that goes beyond economic success.

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