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Screenshot of the SAP Operational Process Intelligence

SAP Operational Process Intelligence

SAP Operational Process Intelligence offers end-to-end process monitoring combined with pattern detection, analytics, alerting, and response management.

Operational Process Intelligence Software

Give business users real-time visibility into processes spanning multiple systems and the means to respond quickly to emerging situations.

Give business users real-time visibility into processes and the ability to respond swiftly – enabling better, faster decision-making to achieve more agile business operations.

  • On-premise deployment
  • Advanced process tracking and automated alerts
  • Drill-down search functionality
  • Ability to create tasks and take direct action

Key Benefits

Gain operational agility

Give line-of-business users and process operators and participants insights that support more-informed, faster decisions during daily business operations.

Keep costs down

Identify and remediate potential bottlenecks before they become problems that result in unnecessary costs, or negatively affect service-level agreements.

Improve process governance

Define targets for cycle times and specify operating thresholds that your line of business employees can use to identify and address issues quickly.

Key Capabilities

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Comprehensive process monitoring

Gather, filter, analyse, correlate, and contextualize huge volumes of process data from a variety of both SAP and third-party systems.

Real-time view into current performance and trends

Gain real-time insights into each business process with data displayed in clear phases, milestones, and KPIs configured to meet each user’s specific information needs.

Alerts about process issues

Track current performance and trends, such as cycle times or specific operating thresholds, and receive automatic alerts to highlight areas where attention is needed. 

Rapid access to detailed information

Drill down into the details of a specific process to quickly view what is happening in each phase, or access supporting business systems for more detailed information.

Rule-based triggers

Set up automated responses or coordinated resolution processes that include human actions, triggered by rule-based processors, process orchestration, and workflow engines.

Built-in response management

Create tasks and take direct action to remediate issues before they become problems that impact your operational effectiveness.

Achieve data-based process excellence

Assess process execution using data-based process discovery and gain a holistic view into process performance to help ensure efficient digital processes.

Lay the foundation for your digital enterprise

Reduce complexity, streamline data-driven operations, and enable continuous process improvements by automating, monitoring, and analysing operational processes.

Technical information to get started

Find the information you need to implement, maintain, and enhance SAP Operational Process Intelligence. This product can be deployed in the cloud or on premise, and system and software requirements vary by specific customer scenarios.

Get started with your software deployment

Follow steps for a successful implementation or upgrade of SAP Operational Process Intelligence with our comprehensive installation guide.

Follow step-by-step guidance

See an overview of the installation process, including a list of required tools and associated documentation.

Develop smart process applications

View the development guide to learn how to build and enhance smart process applications using SAP Operational Process Intelligence.

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