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Which edition of SAP Learning Hub is right for you? Choose the right edition of SAP Learning Hub for you.

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SAP Learning Hub, Business Edition

Discover high-quality digital learning content that is relevant to the size of your business and collaborate with colleagues using SAP Learning Rooms. 

SAP Learning Hub, Professional Edition

Ideal for IT professionals looking to build, extend, and update on implementation and deployment, or prepare for certification across our portfolio. It provides unlimited access to up-to-date training resources, a very active online community and a social learning environment.

SAP Learning Hub, Solution Edition

Comprehensive digital learning resources for eight SAP solution areas and ten hours of hands-on exercises in the SAP Live Access portal. IT professionals can build, extend and keep their knowledge of implementation and deployment up-to-date, as well as prepare for certification for specific SAP solution portfolios.

SAP Ecosystem

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Sales tools and resources for selling SAP Learning Hub

The successful sale of SAP Learning Hub begins with the knowledge that all customers benefit from subscribing to SAP Learning Hub - individualized consultants, small businesses starting with their first SAP product, or large companies.

Virtual learning anytime, anywhere

SAP Learning Hub provides partners with on-demand access to a variety of digital content, including courses, content simulations, manuals, and more.

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Online training and resources to expand your knowledge

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SAP Live Access

You have already subscribed to SAP Learning Hub? Work on fully configured live SAP systems without leaving your desk. SAP Live Access allows you to perform hands-on exercises and cross-departmental training, try it, and gain hands-on experience with SAP software.

SAP Enable Now

Improve the user adoption and efficiency of software programs across your organisation by developing e-learning content that's right for your employees.

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