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Industry 4.0

Connect production with process execution across the supply chain.

Supply Chain Planning Software

Build a resilient and agile supply chain with software from SAP. 


Demand forecasting and management

Use demand sensing, statistical modeling, and machine learning algorithms to make accurate short- to long-term forecasts.

Multi-echelon inventory optimization

Set inventory targets to maximize profits, while leaving a buffer to help you meet unexpected demand.

Sales and operations planning (S&OP)

Collaborate on a cross-departmental sales and operations plan that balances inventory, service levels, and profitability.

Response and supply planning

Optimize supply management with plans based on prioritized demands, allocations, and constraints, such as production capacity.

By integrating SAP S/4HANA, SAP IBP for Supply Chain, and SAP Analytics Cloud, we have created the perfect conditions for an intelligent, data-driven co-operative that provides the best value for our growers.

Steve Birgfeld, Vice President Information Technology and Services, Blue Diamond Growers

SAP planning solutions offer a broad-range of scenarios that can help your teams deliver results with greater agility. By integrating SAP Analytics Cloud and SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP) for Supply Chain, you gain one connected planning solution across lines of business to strengthen collaboration throughout your entire organization.


Demand management and forecasting
Capture historical demand, adjust demand data, and apply dedicated forecasting models for the parts business.

Inventory planning

Automate stocking and destocking decisions and calculate safety stock as well as economic order quantity (EOQ). 

Parts supply planning
Perform distribution requirements planning (DRP) and generate order proposals.

Distribution logistics

Apply push or pull deployment, balance inventory across locations, and execute distribution.


Priority-based order promising

Allocate the right stock to the right demand in a supply shortage situation, and speed up delivery for key customers.

Optimized stock allocation

Allocate stocks based on business priorities, considering suitable alternatives.

Analytics-driven decision support

Analyze supply and demand and product allocation to understand the influence of product availability constraints.


Trading partner collaboration

Assure materials supply through planning, inventory, PO, and quality visibility and collaboration with trading partners.

Planning collaboration

Share demand plans and forecasts with your trading partners to receive commits and cut planning cycle time.

Purchase order collaboration

Digitally exchange POs, ship notices, multi-tiered order confirmations, invoices, and more with trading partners. 

Inventory collaboration

Connect with suppliers to detect disruptions and improve visibility into stock on hand, replenishment, and max/min levels.

Quality collaboration

Exchange quality notifications, inspections, and reviews with trading partners to quickly detect and resolve quality issues.

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Planting sustainability into supply chain planning

Learn why IDC believes that sustainability is an integral part of how companies plan their integrated supply chains.

Taking control of supply chain planning

Find out why IDC says SAP solutions can help you realize a holistic supply chain planning strategy that gives you greater control.

Can you act fast when supply chain disruption happens?

Achieving supply chain resiliency by synchronizing business decisions

Learn how synchronized planning breaks down silos between planning and execution, creates flexible, agile, and executable plans, and focuses on understanding true risk and the probability of disruptions or changes and their impact across the entire value chain.

Assess your supply chain resiliency against today’s challenges

SAP has created the “Supply Chain Game Changer," a simulated game that allows you to understand how each role in your supply chain responds and reacts to disruptive change. You can choose from three different scenarios ‒ product shortages, logistics issues, and merger obstacles ‒ and various roles including demand planner, supply planner, and head of planning.

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