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Give your business the tools it needs with SAP software

You face a variety of challenges – from managing cash flow, supply chain and operations to taking care of remote work and employee engagement, all while meeting fluctuating market conditions and customer needs. At SAP, we have a track record of helping more than 250,000 small businesses and medium enterprises (SME), like yours, to meet their goals. 

From chaotic to connected

Watch the story of how a midsize business reimagined their operations to be more interconnected. By breaking down organizational silos, improving communication, and increasing process transparency, they successfully navigated the disruptions of 2020. Then read the ebook for recommendations for an interconnected management approach using best practices in four key areas: customers, employees, insights, and processes.

How midsize business achieve value through holistic management strategies

Learn how midsize companies can benefit from following a interconnected management approach. Research from Oxford Economics reveals that businesses who are furthest along in adopting an interconnected management approach tend to report superior results in terms of employee productivity, customer interactions, and revenue growth.

How agile is your company?

In this infographic, see how resilience for small and medium businesses today relies on keeping pace with the twists and turns of market demand. Then, analyze your business agility across five key areas with the IDC Business Analysis Tool.

Take on any challenge with midmarket software

20 Perspectives on the 2020s

Get insights on the trends that will likely shape how your business operates, develops talent, engages customers, responds to market dynamics, and makes decisions. 

Achieve the top 10 goals of midmarket companies

What key goals are SMEs focused on? Read this survey of 2,000 small and midsize enterprises to find out – and get how-to tips for achieving them.

Navigate today, plan for tomorrow

Evaluate how our innovative solutions support midmarket companies – and see why more than 250,000 businesses use them.

View the infographic

Watch our topical webinars about plans and best practices that growing companies will need to successfully navigate the next few months.

See how small and medium businesses reach their goals with SAP

Using the power of SAP solutions to deliver the best experiences

Learn how PROMESA used SAP software to capture deep insights to improve customer and employee experiences, gain a competitive edge, and become an intelligent enterprise.

Staying ahead customers' rapidly changing needs

Learn how Sensirion, a Swiss sensor company, became an intelligent enterprise with SAP, ready to meet the demands of the future.

Matching world-class soccer with first-class technology

Learn how Slovak Football Association implemented SAP S/4HANA and SAP Analytics Cloud for a central platform that integrates processes, time management, planning and performance monitoring, and executive-level and soccer-related data.

Stay on the inside track with insights from innovators at midmarket companies

Join our insiders to learn more about important industry trends and how companies just like yours are addressing key business issues and challenges.  

Grow your business, even during times of economic uncertainty

According to a recent Oxford Economics study, 35% of SME business leaders list ‘growth’ as their strategic priority even during uncertain times. Digitizing and pivoting to new business models are proven growth strategies. Learn from SAP experts on ways to raise capital to fuel growth, and from Sagamore Spirit on how they implemented an additional business model.

Get a midsize business' perspective on digital strategy for growth

Discover how a leading midsize private equity firm helps enterprise software companies grow globally. Specifically, see how this firm puts together a digital strategy for their clients who are making their first infrastructure decisions, focusing on technology as a key enabler. 

Ensure your employees are set up for success

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, employee engagement has emerged as the main driver for success in today’s marketplace. Hear from the Bodyshop on how to create a culture that enables engaged employees and top performers. Also hear from Censia, an SAP Partner, on ways to address critical HR issues for small and midsize businesses.

Deliver a great customer experience in virtual world

According to Oxford Economic Research, high quality products and services are the most important feature in delivering a great customer experience. Hear from industry analyst Laurie McCabe, CX expert Stephanie Thum, Casey’s General Store and Beyond Technologies on inventive ways to win customers’ hearts during this globally challenging time.

Effectively track customers' changing wants and needs

A recent Oxford Economics Research study found that the top external challenge for business owners is changing consumer wants and needs. In this video, hear from SAP expert, Oliver Stocks, on how technology and a strong digital core can position you to be proactive and flip the script on how business gets done. 

Get SAP-qualified partner-packaged solutions for your business

Adopt integrated solutions that are built, sold, and supported by an SAP partner – applying our market-leading software, innovations, and intellectual property.

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