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Small and Midsize Business Management Software

Small and midsize companies count on SAP solutions to seize today’s opportunities and drive a business growth strategy.

Business management solutions to empower your growing business

SAP solutions deliver scalable reliability and the speed to achieve goals and accelerate ROI.  Here are a few examples of how our customers benefit.



higher operational efficiency.



time reduction in month-end
project costing close.



reduction in dead and slow-moving stock.


Growth Summit virtual event

Harnessing Technology to Lead and Succeed | Hosted by Inc., Fast Company & SAP

Explore SAP solutions for small businesses and midsize enterprises

Cloud solutions from SAP provide ready-to-run business processes and
industry best practices for finance, HR, operations, procurement, sales, and more.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Accelerate your growth with proven business processes and continuous innovation.

Human Capital Management (HCM)

Manage an engaged, modern workforce and connect HR strategies to top- and bottom-line results with intelligent capabilities.

CRM and Customer Experience (CX)

Connect real-time data and signals across commerce, marketing, sales, and service to offer exceptional experiences at scale.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Solve your most-pressing operational challenges and respond to changes in supply and demand at the speed of business.

Network and Spend Management

Optimize processes, strengthen control over spending, and respond effectively to supply chain disruptions.

Business Technology Platform

Glean actionable insight from data, unlock new business opportunities, and innovate
faster for a more resilient organization.

Partner-Packaged Solutions

Choose SAP-qualified partner-packaged solutions for low-risk and predictable outcomes at attractive price points.

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See how SMEs are succeeding with SAP

Learn how SAP solutions have helped companies move faster,
adapt quickly, and outpace the competition.

Work with an SAP partner

SAP partners can collaborate with you to solve your challenges
and help you become a best-run business.

Why work with an SAP partner?

Regardless of your company size or industry, our partners can help you buy, build, implement, service, support, and run the SAP solution that best fits your unique needs.

Designed for the needs and budgets of small and midsize companies, our partner program offers:

  • Innovative, credible partners that understand your business requirements
  • Years of industry expertise and experience 
  • Locally available partners committed to customer satisfaction and quality


Need help finding a solution?

Answer a few brief questions to help us find the right solution for you

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Why choose SAP to grow your business

Discover why midsize companies select SAP technology as a proven foundation, to connect, grow, and innovate their business.

A man holding a tablet in front of a wall with planning documents
Navigate today, plan for tomorrow

Explore why more than 250,000 small and midsize companies use SAP solutions.

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Seven ways SAP helps growing companies

See how SAP technology can help growing companies with their key priorities.

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Which SAP solution will meet your needs?

Learn how SAP can help you tackle your biggest challenges - from supply chain disruption to retaining employees - and prepare for future opportunities.

Why choose SAP to drive innovation

Discover how SAP's flexible technology platform enables you to connect your digital landscape and embed intelligent technologies to create innovative products and services.

Why choose SAP for financial and operational efficiency

Discover how SAP can help you connect every department and get data flowing throughout your business, giving you a company-wide view of risks and opportunities, and taking your efficiency to a new level.

Why choose SAP for talent management

Find out how SAP cloud solutions can help HR leaders in businesses of any size take charge of change today and plan for succession while cultivating the workforce of tomorrow.

Why choose SAP for customer experience

See how with SAP cloud solutions powering your customer experience, you can automate one-to-one experiences at scale across every channel and turn anonymous visitors into known, loyal customers.

Why choose SAP for supply chain management

Learn how greater visibility into your supply chain along with the ability to connect and collaborate with suppliers can help you avoid disruptions and keep your customers satisfied.

Why manufacturers are choosing SAP

Hear directly from growing companies in the manufacturing industry about the benefits they are gaining from SAP solutions.

Why wholesale distributors are choosing SAP

Hear directly from growing companies in the wholesale distribution industry about the benefits they are gaining from SAP solutions.

Why life sciences companies are choosing SAP

Hear directly from growing companies in the life sciences industry about the benefits they are gaining from SAP solutions.

Why retail companies are choosing SAP

Hear directly from growing companies in the retail industry about the benefits they are gaining from SAP solutions.

Why consumer products companies are choosing SAP

Hear directly from growing companies in the consumer products industry about the benefits they are gaining from SAP solutions.

The Transformation Mindset

To help growing companies get in the transformation mindset, SAP Insights conducted a study of more than 10,500 midsize company leaders
across 28 industries and 41 countries to find out how they’re transforming to drive revenue, efficiency, and innovation.
Explore the Transformation Mindset reports, based on findings for specific industries and job functions.


Job functions

Success in the new era

Explore these guides to becoming an interconnected business, whether you are a retailer, a manufacturer, a high tech company, or more.

Business Reimagined

Discover the latest research, trends, and insights to help midmarket companies succeed in these IDC Info Snapshot reports, sponsored by SAP.
Plus, get a deeper dive into the topics by watching the follow up discussions with IDC Analyst, Shari Lava.

#ConnectGrowWin Webinar series

Discover strategies to overcome the top business challenges faced by midsize companies in the new market reality. This series features
discussions by industry leaders of strategies to take your business from surviving to thriving. Sponsored by SAP, Intel, and Google Cloud.


Whether you’re looking for perspective from someone who’s tackled a similar problem or looking for inspiration and innovation from a different point of view,
SAP has you covered. Explore the tracks below to find the best content from our team of experts, customers, and partners to help your business run at its best.

Frequently asked questions

As your company outgrows spreadsheets or the small business accounting software you've relied on so far, managing all your data and activities across each department can be challenging. A cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can help you streamline processes, maximize efficiency, and gain insights across your business to improve decision-making.

Depending on your industry and specific situation, inflation can impact your business in a variety of ways – from pressures on procurement and handling outstanding payables to managing inventory levels. Digital technologies can interconnect your busines and departments, leading to greater agility and more confident decision-making.

Turbulence and volatility over the last few years have brought supply chain management to the forefront for many business leaders' strategies. Forward-looking businesses are using artificial intelligence (AI) and other intelligent technologies that are widely available to dramatically improve their supply chain planning systems.

Business process automation (BPA) has become a central cornerstone of any digital transformation journey. Modern BPA solutions can be integrated into both back-end and front-end applications, streamlining processes from supply chains to HR, finance, customer service, and beyond.

As your business grows, you face increasingly complex global accounting challenges that can make it difficult for your small business accounting software to keep up. By standardizing procedures, developing good communciation strategies, and using powerful software solutions, your financial close becomes smoother.

While growing and expanding  into new markets, HR compliance becomes more complex. HR departments must be prepared to manage statutory, regulatory, and contractual compliance in a rapidly changing landscape.


Modern midsize HCM and midsize ERP software can help integrate and manage data across the company and automate real-time compliance updates.

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