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Canada's waking up to digital transformation

NOW + ASUG Annual Conference
NOW + ASUG Annual Conference

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Blockchain: Poised To Transform The Order Of Human Affairs?

Since becoming ubiquitous around 2002, the Internet has brought humanity together and created a global network of information that has profoundly changed the way we live. The structure of how we consume and use information has completely changed due to technology.

Presenting To The CEO: What Would You Do?

For perhaps the first time in the history of business, the youngest generation in the workplace – the Gen Z-ers, born in the mid-90s – holds something over the older generation. They are digitally native, meaning they have spent most or all of their lives in a digital world. They think digital, work digital, and play digital. Hence, they will be foundational in shaping the digital economy.

Could Big Data Have Saved Ancient Civilizations?

The burning of the Ancient Library of Alexandria has come to symbolize the tragedy of irretrievably losing valuable cultural information and knowledge. In those days, much of the known world’s recorded knowledge was kept in the library. Today, our information is decentralized across huge regions, and thanks to digital technology, there is a lot more of it. So much more, in fact, that it’s been theorized that every last papyrus scroll in the vast Library of Alexandria could now fit onto an ordinary flash drive.


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