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Co-innovation, certification, and technical services

With a certification from us, you can build trust in the innovative SAP technology–based offerings you provide.

Together, we can take your go-to-market strategy to the next level

Our certifications and related services help increase customer confidence in the services and applications you offer.

Partner Innovation Lifecycle Services

Our experts are ready to deliver the right services at the right time, across our services portfolio, through one or more of the following teams and programs:

  • SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC): Boost customer confidence in your SAP partner products by participating in our open certification program.
  • SAP Certification for Outsourcing Partners: Help ensure your customers experience high-quality, sustainable, and cost-effective operations of SAP solutions and environments through our open certification program.
  • Partner qualification: Receive premium validation of SAP Solution Extensions that meet our product standards.

Gaining customer trust with certified, co-innovated offerings

Working with the Partner Innovation Lifecycle Services team, you can get a seal of approval from SAP that enables a high level of market penetration.

Rapid expansion

Grow your customer base faster and reduce the duration of your sales cycle.

Competitive edge

Stand out from the crowd by using SAP certification logos on your marketing materials, Web site, and promotional activities.

Exposure on

Get noticed by visitors to our Web site by directing your prospects to online listings on

Accelerated innovation cycle

Get your innovations market-ready faster with help and guidance from SAP experts.

Opportunities at SAP events

Use SAP events such as the SAP Sapphire and SAP TechEd conferences to showcase your SAP-certified products, services, and hardware.


Explore all the benefits of partnership

Our award-winning partner program can help you win more customers and revenue.

Service portfolio

We provide what you need to plan, build, certify, test, operate, and deliver innovative solutions that help companies become best-run businesses.

Co-innovation with SAP

Walk in with an idea and walk out with a market-ready product. We can help you harness the power of co-innovation with SAP platforms and solutions.

Software certification

Validate the integration of your solutions with SAP technologies. We help partners and independent software vendors (ISVs) get certified.

Hardware certification

Certify your hardware to work with SAP solutions. We provide guidance to manufacturers on how to navigate the hardware certification process.

Outsourcing partner certification

Give customers the confidence to run their business, not their IT. We can help you certify your outsourcing managed services, quickly and efficiently.

Technical services

Choose from a variety of available services to help you kick off and navigate your innovation journey with SAP.

Co-innovation with SAP

With help and guidance across the entire development lifecycle, you can combine forces with SAP and take your idea from concept to reality.

Co-innovate for success in the digital economy

Close alignment between line-of-business, industry, and Partner Innovation Lifecycle Services teams at SAP provides the expertise required to deliver certified and competitive partner solutions to the marketplace.

How it works

The co-innovation process involves:

Use case assessment

Your idea will first be validated by the SAP product development team to safeguard your investment.

Expertise and guidance

A dedicated project lead will be assigned to support and help you navigate the entire product development lifecycle.

Quality assurance

As you enter the final stages of product development, we will assess your solution against SAP product standards, including integration testing.

How you can benefit

Differentiation and trust that drive sales

The “Co-innovated with SAP” and SAP certification logos provide powerful endorsements, help you stand out, and boost customer confidence.

Support when taking your product to market

As well as productizing your idea, we expose your solutions to customers and our ecosystem by listing it on SAP Store and SAP Certified Solutions Directory.

Yearly renewal

Your products are aligned with the latest SAP releases yearly and the program helps ensure continuity of logo usage, certification, and online listings.

Services offered

Your assigned project lead will help you establish the best route to realize your concept. 

Use case review

Before offering a co-innovation opportunity, we provide input on overlaps with the SAP solution portfolio, possible extensions, and use case refinement.

Architectural review

We offer technical guidance, sharing architecture frameworks and integration best practices as well as advising on infrastructure and licensing requirements.

Enablement and coaching

Our experts support you by holding tailored enablement sessions and workshops as well as sharing quality guidelines.

Build support

Our experts support you by holding tailored enablement sessions and workshops as well as sharing quality guidelines.

Assessment services

You’ll receive recommendations based on assessments against SAP product standards. We also complete tests based on key certification scenarios for integration.

Go-to-market support

As well as use of “Co-innovated with SAP” and SAP certification logos, we offer press release review and listings in our online directory and on SAP Store.

Certify your software

We help partners and ISVs support our customers by testing and certifying the integration of solutions with SAP technologies.

Why certification matters

SAP Certification is proof that your technology integrates smoothly with SAP solutions, giving customers confidence in their investment decision. Certified-solution providers must pass a stringent set of qualification procedures based on SAP-endorsed integration technologies before receiving SAP-certified status.

Benefits for customers

Through SAP Certification, SAP customers gain access to additional functionalities and services, reducing implementation effort and accelerating innovation.

Benefits for partners

You can showcase products at SAP events, use our logo, feature in our online directory, and take advantage of go-to-market opportunities through SAP PartnerEdge.


Before awarding SAP integration certification, we test for correct implementation of SAP-endorsed technologies and stability in an SAP software environment. 

SAP Business Technology Platform

With SAP BTP, you can efficiently build or extend SAP solutions by keeping the clean core, creating integrations, and delivering content.

Certification of add-on deployment for ABAP

We certify third-party add-ons for ABAP that conform to SAP standards, with certification available for SAP Business Suite, SAP NetWeaver, and SAP S/4HANA.


With SAP HANA, partners can build applications that integrate the business control logic and the database layer with superior performance.

SAP Business One

SAP Integration and Certification Center offers certification for partners offering add-ons, integrations, and packaged IP together with SAP Business One. 

Premium certification for SAP Endorsed Apps

This additional level of certification is available by invitation only and consists of integration certification tests, a cloud quality check, and a static security code scan.

Whether you're starting a new integration project, improving an existing integration, or migrating to a new technology, our integration assessment services can help design and develop concepts for new scenarios or advise if an existing scenario could still meet your needs.

Begin with a live virtual call with an SAP expert to discuss your integration requirements. Within 10 business days, you will receive a summary of recommendations for the best possible integration points. 


This service is available for partners looking to integrate with on-premise and cloud solutions from SAP.

Frequently asked questions

SAP ICC helps secure SAP certification that verifies that an application or solution developed by you integrates smoothly with an SAP software environment. With access to resources, test systems, and SAP consulting experts, you are guided through each step of the certification process.


Browse additional SAP ICC FAQ documentation

How much does it cost?

Certification fees depend on the technology used and scope of testing. Costs typically range from €3,500 or less (for solutions based on SAP Business One or SAP BTP, for example) to €15,000 (add-ons based on ABAP) or €20,000 (back-up tools for SAP HANA). The certification fee includes all necessary consulting and testing services carried out by a consultant from SAP ICC. Most certifications are conducted remotely. These fees do not take into consideration your own development resources or test system access costs. 

How long does it take?

The certification test itself takes one day or less. However, the time it takes to get your solution ready for certification can vary. A typical certification based on a predefined scenario can be finished within roughly two months. Please contact us early in the development process to consult with us.

What can I expect?

Once we have signed a contract to certify the integration, you will be assigned a dedicated consultant by SAP ICC. Your engineers will prepare the testing under the guidance of this consultant and schedule a certification date. We provide you with a test plan ahead of time, so you can prepare your solution.

During any certification test, the SAP consultant monitors and logs the test results, while your engineers drive the actual testing, including the integration setup and data exchange. Your software remains under your control at all times.

Once the testing is concluded successfully, you will receive a detailed and confidential test report, a certificate, and the appropriate certification logo that you can use to promote the successful certification to your customers. In addition, your fully certified solution will be listed in our online directory within a few days. This gives your company exposure to the thousands of customers that visit each day.

Where should I carry out testing?

If you need remote access to an SAP-maintained system during testing, you can use the SAP Remote Access and Connectivity service. This professionally hosted and maintained landscape of fully configured SAP software systems, including sample data, can simplify the integration testing of your interface to SAP solutions. You can choose between exclusive-use or low-cost shared systems. The cost varies depending on the number of users who need access, the period of time during which access is needed, and whether you choose the exclusive-use or shared system. Prices start at €3,500 for three shared systems with three users for a three-month period. You can also sign up for longer periods of time at considerably lower rates.

Complete our application form
  • Begin a new certification: After your application is submitted, you can begin the certification process, involving preparation, certification testing, and post-certification promotion.
  • Recertify an existing solution: When you sign up for recertification, a consultant from SAP ICC discusses the latest technologies with you and provides input and recommendations.

Software integration certifications are valid for three years for most integration scenarios. Certification scenarios for integrations for cloud and SAP HANA are valid for only one year, due to a high frequency of updates.

Certify your hardware

With our hardware certification services, customers gain the confidence that your hardware works effectively with SAP solutions.

Hardware and IaaS Certification for SAP HANA

Hardware certifications for SAP HANA help SAP customers cut hardware and operation costs, mitigate risk, optimize time to value, and gain additional flexibility.

  • Certification scenarios: Each scenario uses a unique testing procedure to determine whether the hardware meets the performance criteria required to run SAP HANA in production.
  • After certification: Once testing concludes successfully, we confirm certification and send you a certification logo. We also list your product in an online hardware directory.


Business models based on e-mobility require an overhaul of the mobility ecosystem. SAP is working with hardware partners to enable the charging infrastructure.

SAP E-Mobility

This charge point‒agnostic solution helps firms set up and operate heterogeneous charging infrastructure from multiple electric vehicle supply equipment vendors.


Through the SAP Printer Vendor program, partners can co-develop solutions for broader support of printer models used with SAP software.

SAP Certification for Outsourcing Partners

Certification helps SAP customers identify high-quality service providers, while certified partners increase market visibility and drive new revenue.


Certification for partners that manage customer environments helps SAP customers find service providers that meet their needs for quality, scope, and geography.

Outsourcing Managed Services

Cloud and infrastructure operations

Provide on-demand infrastructure and services for SAP offerings, tailored to meet customer needs. SAP operations services are not included.

Hosting operations

Operate and maintain SAP applications and offer complete hosting packages. Extensive technical SAP administration skills and experience are mandatory.

Solution operations

Offer maintenance, daily operations, and ongoing support for SAP applications, including SAP Business Suite, SAP S/4HANA, and SAP SuccessFactors solutions. 

Operations for SAP HANA

Deliver operations services for solutions powered by SAP HANA, with high-quality standards.

BPO operations

Facilitate the full stack of business process outsourcing (BPO) services based on SAP business applications.


Follow the DevOps principles of flow, feedback, and continuous learning with a focus on cloud solutions and extensions.

Operations for SAP BTP

Provide development and operations for extensions, applications, or integrations on SAP BTP and offer services like data-to-value, consulting, or training.

Technical services

Our tailored technical services help you fast-track your SAP projects and accelerate time to market.


Technical services help port, build, and integrate your solutions with SAP platforms and software. Tailored packages combine the services you need.

SAP Remote Access and Connectivity

This service offers quick and intuitive access to highly flexible, low-cost, and no-maintenance SAP system landscapes and ready-to-use SAP business solutions.

Custom landscape service

Dedicated, low-maintenance, and tailored system environments are available, with custom options including SAP BTP and infrastructure and application services.

Whether you're starting a new integration project, improving an existing integration, or migrating to a new technology, our integration assessment services can help design and develop concepts for new scenarios or advise if an existing scenario could still meet your needs.


Begin with a live virtual call with an SAP expert to discuss your integration requirements. Within 10 business days, you will receive a summary of recommendations for the best possible integration points.


This service is available for partners looking to integrate with on-premise and cloud solutions from SAP.

Identifying vulnerabilities, security code scan assessments scrutinize code paths and data flows to find defects during the early stages of development.

Explore other engagement programs

Build solutions

This program is ideal for OEMs, independent software vendors, and application developers that build solutions on top of, or integrate with, SAP technology. 

Service solutions

SAP service partners provide strategic business consulting, system design, solution integration, and project implementation of SAP solutions.

Run solutions

As an outsourcing or hosting partner, you can offer SAP solutions through a private or public cloud while adding your own intellectual property or enhancing with your industry or line-of-business expertise.

Sell solutions

You can resell, implement, and support customers in the cloud and on premise, owning the entire customer lifecycle or collaborating with other partners or SAP. 

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