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What is iPaaS?

Learn how SAP Integration Suite, an integration platform as a service, can help you become future ready to connect and automate your business.

Connect and Automate Your Business Processes

Integration, the foundation of an intelligent enterprise, is becoming the number one strategic priority for organizations. Only by connecting customer, product, employee, and brand experiences with business operations, continuously and in real time, can organizations exploit the full potential of their system landscape and make the right decision at the right time.

Prioritize Your Integration Strategy to Enable Readiness for the Future

Now more than ever, integration is the key to solving fundamental business problems. When adopted strategically, integration can bridge silos across applications, data, and processes, helping facilitate enterprise agility and business model flexibility. It can provide a foundation for applying intelligence, enabling digital interactions, and creating the connected digital experiences that employees want, business partners need, and customers expect.


Whether it’s connecting and automating business processes, meeting e-government and regulatory compliance, powering e-commerce, delivering customer insight, connecting business-to-business (B2B) partners, or creating a future-ready IT landscape, mastering exploding demand for integration is not easy.


Given the complexity of modern IT networks, traditional integration middleware technologies no longer measure up to today’s integration challenges, making it time to adopt a modern approach.

Make Integration the Backbone of Your Intelligent Enterprise

Businesses now derive significant value from holistically connecting data, technology, and business processes – not just within the enterprise but beyond it. Add to this the rapid adoption of microservices and new technologies, which need to be paired with existing applications, systems, and business processes to realize their full financial impact. This means the role integration plays in the success of any enterprise is only going to grow.


Companies are seeking to execute complete visibility of their business, customers, developers, supply chain, and more. Only by seamlessly integrating many parts of the business can a real-time 360-degree view be established and leveraged by management.


Whether your focus is on lead-to-cash, source-to-pay, hire-to-retire, or other core operations, SAP Integration Suite enables you to smoothly integrate business processes across SAP and third-party applications, data hubs, trading partners, and more. It also allows you to accelerate connectivity with third-party cloud applications using thousands of prebuilt integration content, feature-rich connectors, API catalogs, and asynchronous application events. In addition, it enables you to modernize your integration capabilities across applications, B2B processes, data, events, and process integration.


Using various cloud solutions from SAP, connected using SAP Integration Suite, we created a highly integrated, digital process network, based on best practices. This supports growth and has optimized our total cost of ownership.

Manfred Grossmann
CIO and Vice President Corporate IT and Project Excellence, Sycor GmbH

Integrate More Systems at Unprecedented Speed

Offering a robust library of prepackaged integration content covering both SAP and third-party applications, SAP Integration Suite allows you to complete integrations within a quick implementation time (see the figure below representing a visual of SAP Integration Suite)


Integration Suite Diagram

Achieve Seamless Business Processes

Increase efficiency and productivity across your business with API-led integration, real-time processing of business events, and comprehensive integration capabilities for applications and data across diverse application landscapes.

Accelerate Connectivity

Connect your business processes faster and at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) with thousands of prebuilt integrations and connectors, best-practice-based methodology, and visibility into industry-leading SAP application business objects.

Modernize Integration

Ready your integration strategy for the future with AI-powered integration development and recommendations, a cloud-native environment managed by SAP, and a choice of popular cloud providers that allow interoperability within hybrid landscapes.

Integrate Systems and Applications Efficiently and at Scale

Whether you’re adopting new business models, looking to provide customers with an omnichannel experience, or seeking greater efficiency overall, solving your most pressing business problems begins with addressing your integration challenges.


SAP Integration Suite provides a modern, comprehensive approach to integration with capabilities that can save your organization both time and money from faster implementations and a lower TCO.


SAP Integration Suite helped us cut down IT spend for integration middleware to between 50% and 60% of our annual total cost of ownership. Plus, the ease of use and flexibility of the solution helped us go live in a matter of weeks.

Marco Verhoef
Integration Consultant, IT Asset Management, Eneco Holding N.V.

With SAP Integration Suite, you can deliver valuable business outcomes. Connect and automate business processes to harmonize experiences across your organization and power e-commerce to achieve a holistic view of customer engage-ments. Elsewhere, deliver customer insight and gain a 360-degree understanding of your customers or access unique services and enable the API economy. You can also create an efficient, secure, and scalable B2B platform to connect with your trading partners and unlock the value of your existing investments and enable a future-proof IT landscape that meets regulatory compliance requirements.


Prebuilt integrations


Ready-to-use APIs


At a time when integration is central to business success, the ability to integrate both legacy and cloud-based applications and processes in a cost-effective way has never been more important. With SAP Integration Suite, you can become future ready and scale up your integration capabilities to connect and contextualize experiences for customers, partners, and employees across the enterprise and extended ecosystems.


  • Integrate disparate systems and applications while safeguarding enterprise security and protecting data 
  • Streamline critical business processes and create connected experiences
  • Connect multiple applications and data silos


  • Simplifies integration between SAP and third-party apps and data sources, offering more than 2,600 prebuilt integrations
  • Provides over 2,800 ready-to-use APIs through SAP API Business Hub
  • Enables the development, availability, and lifecycle management of APIs for internal and external consumption through API management capabilities
  • Supports asynchronous event-driven architectures, enabling real-time communication across distributed application landscapes
  • Responds natively to SAP and third-party business application events


  • Integrate business processes efficiently, at scale
  • Realize a future-ready integration strategy
  • Reduce complexity with AI-powered development and recommendations

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