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North America Services Delivery Academy

Talent community

Are you interested in the program? Let us know and we will inform you as soon as we start hiring.  

What to expect from the program?

12-16 Students in each class
  • Build a network of contacts in the Customer Success organization
  • Push boundaries of SAP software and services knowledge as it pertains to service delivery
  • Build a sense of belonging, ownership, and contribution to Customer Success
  • Develop confidence to take on any situation at any time


  • History and culture
  • Services strategy
  • Product introduction
  • Philanthropy project
  • Networking

Training and certification

  • Product
  • Delivery methodology
  • Soft skills
  • Case study
  • Certification


  • Onsite and remote customer engagements
  • Day-in-a-life experience
  • Exposure to other teams in SAP
  • Shadowing within Customer Success

Choose a career path that's right for you

Associate technical quality manager

The role of associate technical quality manager (ATQM) is key to the success of SAP customers who engage with premium engagement support models. The ATQM is onsite at the customer’s location and becomes a trusted advisor by helping them resolve business challenges and remove roadblocks during the SAP implementation. The ATQM starts learning about the customer’s business from day one and will be able to guide them on their transformation journey utilizing SAP solutions.

Associate project manager

The role of the associate project manager (APM) is to support a senior project manager, portfolio manager, or program manager in all aspects of the project lifecycle, including:

  • Initiation
  • Planning
  • Execution
  • Monitoring and control
  • Completion

The APM is responsible for performing basic functions to support delivery execution for SAP Services and Support on customer engagements.


Hear what our program alumni are saying

Daisy Carlos
Project Management Consultant
Thanks to the training, the mentors and buddies, and shadowing opportunities, I am confident in my role. SAP truly cares and this program shows how much SAP is willing to invest in you. I am proud to say I work at SAP!
Joanna Gould
Technical Quality Manager

At SAP we want to improve people’s lives and help the world run better, and my experience with everyone who I have worked with at SAP has embodied that!

Abe Chen
Technical Quality Manager

Every day I had the pleasure of coming into work with some of the most supportive and dedicated individuals and I am lucky to have them within my professional network.

Marion Chen
Technical Quality Manager

Having such a supportive team and set structure in my first position greatly helped in transitioning out of a student to ramp up into full time.

Shannon Tantlinger
Associate Project Manager

SAP and the SAP Early Talent program truly care about employees and their growth as professionals. The amount of time and effort spent on training the Early Talents speaks volumes for the leadership within SAP and the company as a whole.

Austen Christensen
Associate Project Manager

By leaving your comfort zone behind and taking a leap of faith into something new, you find out who you are truly capable of becoming.

What do we look for in a candidate?

We want people who think big and dream big. People who are dynamic and full of integrity. We want people who are collaborative, creative, and fun. We want people who are passionate about helping businesses – and the world – run better.

  • Recent Master's or Bachelor's degree in business administration, information systems, computer science, or engineering or a related field
  • Team players with the ability to work independently
  • Analytical, results-driven, solution-oriented personality
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills

Are you interested in the program? Register with our talent community and we will inform you as soon as we start hiring.

What our Early Talents say

Cole Curtis
Associate Technical Quality Manager

I am continuously pushed to learn, grow, and better myself, and I couldn't ask for a better team to work alongside as I kickstart my career with SAP.

Victoria Nguyen
Associate Technical Quality Manager

SAP and the SAP Early Talent program have helped me build invaluable skills and a strong network that has shaped the person I am today. The program truly values leadership and development with a plan in place for each individual to achieve success.

Matt Mac Crory
Associate Technical Quality Manager

Since joining the team, I have built relationships, gained confidence, and learned the foundational knowledge I need to excel in my role.

Jasmine Burrus
Associate Technical Quality Manager

From day one, I was given access to tools, a network of experts, and numerous training opportunities to ensure I was properly prepared for a successful start to my SAP career.

Eric Piontek
Associate Project Manager

To be a part of a company whose goal is to make the world a better place is very motivating and gratifying, and part of that is due to the incredible people who work here.

Christos Michelis
Associate Project Manager

The SAP Early Talent program was instrumental in my onboarding and growth at SAP. It provided me with the fundamentals and tools to truly be successful at SAP and begin building my brand.

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