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Manage inflation challenges with SAP software

Inflation is impacting costs, interest rates, and supply chains worldwide. SAP can help you address your inflation challenges head-on.

Technology-driven solutions to inflation

Inflation is at its highest rate in 40 years, which has a direct impact on your business. As a trusted partner with decades of expertise, SAP has the right solutions that can help guide you through these unprecedented times.

Gain insights into different risks and exposures ​to understand how inflation can impact your business.

Take a proactive approach to managing inflation through payables, receivables, and inventory finance, while optimizing your processes.

Monitor and adjust your business plans and strategies to meet demand and avoid revenue loss and unforeseen costs.

Understand the impact of inflation on your business

Get insights into different risks, exposures, and actuals in one financial system.

End-to-end transparency

Provide access to a centralized, real-time view of your company’s cash position and forecast with complete transparency.

Our solutions:

Demand-driven replenishment

Control the flow of materials through the supply chain with strategic decoupling points and inventory buffers.

Our solutions:

Automated risk mitigation

Automate treasury tasks and link workflows for cash and risk management to core business processes.

Our solutions:

SAP Treasury and Risk Management

Insightful spend analysis

Understand your organization’s spending habits and opportunities to save money and improve supplier relationships.

Our solutions:

SAP Ariba Spend Analysis

Act quickly to manage inflation risk

Enable proactive financing, inventory management, and a diverse supplier base.

Improved working capital with early invoice payments

Make cash available sooner before inflation reduces its value. Generate additional yield by offering early payment programs to your suppliers.

Our solutions:

Reduced costs through automation

Free up FTEs from time-consuming tasks and inquiries by automating manual trading partner collaboration.

Our solutions:

Lower risk by having inventory purchased and held

Allow goods to be sold and purchased back in the future at the original cost plus a fee when needed. This cost is often less than the inflation cost.

Our solutions:

Diversified supplier base and sources

Find and onboard new suppliers quickly to meet changing business needs with a comprehensive trading partner directory.

Our solutions:

Be prepared for future fluctuations in the economy

Monitor demand and supply chain changes and make informed adjustments.

Fast, informed decisions

Run simulations of demand or supply changes for what-if analysis and compare scenarios for fast, informed decision-making.

Higher profits and service levels

Implement inventory planning and optimization processes to maximize profits while ensuring customer service levels are met.

Agile supply chain

Identify and analyze supply chain disruptions, take corrective action, and respond and collaborate with external supply chain partners.

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