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Executive reviewing UX scores

Improve the user experience of your business applications

Measure and improve the UX Score of your business applications

In this rapidly growing and changing digital world, every business needs to have a UX solution to understand and quantify the user experience of their applications with tangible metrics. 

Improve the user experience of your business applications

Identify process strengths and weaknesses in a quick, cost-effective way that offers clear recommendations to increase business value.

  • UX maturity assessment using a standardized questionnaire
  • Actionable insights on how to improve user experience
  • Success measurement of investment before, during, and after a project

Why SAP Business Technology Platform?

Continuously improve your business users’ experience, engagement, and productivity

Application Development

  • Keep people connected, boosts productivity, and increase engagement through personalized digital experiences
  • Optimize the UX of your custom apps and dashboard interfaces across SAP Business Technology Platform to ensure an intuitive and pleasing user experience.

UX Score by sovanta

  • Observe and measure the user experience of business applications based on scientific method sets. 
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses and provide recommendations for improvement. 
  • Develop in-depth understanding through trend analysis used to monitor and measure the improvement over time.
  • Conduct user reviews to better understand your users’ pain points and expectations.

Qualtrics CustomerXM

  • Gain a holistic understanding of your customers’ experiences and take the right actions that drive meaningful impact.

Value driven results

Good user experience is the key to digital product success. It improves user engagement, increases user productivity, and creates greater user satisfaction.



increase in overall UX Score result after second UX optimization phase


4.1 of 5

achieved for the app attractiveness

~ 100


Increased probability of a user receiving a suitable recommendation from the app


BASF is a German multinational chemical company and the largest chemical producer in the world.  They utilize the UX Score by sovanta to optimize the end-user application AgSolutions Finder which provides plant protection recommendations to farmers based on their individual cultivation situation.

  • The main challenge was to query the complex, individual cultivation parameters and to derive product recommendations quickly.
  • The app was evaluated across four UX criteria: Range of Use, Joy of Use, Ease of Use and Utility of Use, with results captured in a radar chart with recommendations.  
  • Each optimization phase ends with another UX Audit to uncover additional improvement opportunities.

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