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Get Started with SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise

Ensure a successful implementation by tapping into the expertise and experience that SAP has acquired after decades of standardizing processes.

Process millions of transactions

Configure general and platform attributes, optional functionalities, and network connections to optimize your relational database management system.

Manage access to your data store

Report and manage data by analyzing the frequency in which data partitions are accessed. Learn how the SAP ASE data store access management feature can help.

Unify high availability and disaster recovery

Install, configure, and administer SAP ASE, database always-on option, which comprises multiple servers running in a high-availability disaster recovery system.

Assess the impact of configuration changes quickly

Diagnose problems in your relational database and manage configuration changes better. Capture, analyze, and replay a production workload without disruption.  

Simplify RDBMS administration and maintenance

Free your database administrator from routine tasks. Create and schedule jobs on a local or remote server with a command line or graphical user interface (GUI).

Use less storage space for the same data volume

Improve RDBMS performance and lower demand on data input and output. Support, configure, and administer data compression to reduce cache-memory consumption.

Boost transactional application performance

Equip your business applications with instant responsiveness and higher throughput by using the latest database architectures that leverage in-memory computing.

Why SAP Training?

Empower your end users with world-class training courses, enablement solutions, and certification programs from SAP.

Take advantage of free online courses with openSAP

Learn about SAP innovations when, where, and how you want – free of charge – with a flexible, fun, and engaging learning experience through gamification.

Empower your help desk with our course directory

Boost technology proficiency across your help desk organization by creating a comprehensive training plan with a choice of live, mobile, or online courses.

Validate your expertise with SAP certifications

Allow your employees to sharpen their SAP skills and add to their personal knowledge base with a variety of certification options from SAP. 

Optimize operations

Fine-tune database performance and efficiency

Understand the basics of database performance and tuning to better manage, maintain, and run your applications at peak performance.

Enhance performance with statistical analysis

Review best practices for storing and displaying data analytics and using the set statistics command to assess server information.

Maintain locking and concurrency control

Get familiar with a variety of locking schemas to enhance performance in SAP ASE and select indexes to minimize concurrency.

Get a statistical snapshot of the state of SAP ASE

Track the condition of your implementation of SAP ASE. Learn how to query a set of system tables to monitor diagnostic information.

Refine the performance of your physical database

Improve RDBMS performance by optimizing physical data placement, managing space allocated for data, and running temporary databases.

Enable query processing and abstract plans

Match query demands with the best optimization techniques. Discover how to use optimizer processor queries and abstract plans.

Upgrade your product

Plan and carry out a successful upgrade of SAP ASE to take advantage of the new features and capabilities.

Install and upgrade the capabilities you need

Get the information you need to support system requirements, install SAP ASE, and enable post-implementation tasks, upgrades, and downgrades.

Why SAP Support?

Explore self-service, real-time support services to address your unique business needs, while getting the most value from SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise.

SAP Support Portal

Visit SAP Support Portal and SAP ONE Support Launchpad to search our knowledge base, find solutions to issues, and report incidents.

SAP Help Portal

Access the SAP Help Portal to stay up to date on the latest information on installation, upgrades, and product availability for your help desk ticket system.

Support Offerings

SAP Preferred Success

Deliver a successful implementation in the cloud. Access exclusive resources to accelerate adoption, enable role-based learning, and enhance incident handling.

SAP Preferred Care

Receive personalized support to improve your in-house product knowledge, enhance issue resolution processes, and keep your systems running at peak performance.

SAP Enterprise Support

Get proactive, remote support for the entire lifecycle of SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise. Use multiple channels and resources to optimize your deployment.

Maintenance and Support

Troubleshooting error messages

How to resolve frequently occurring error messages and system problems frequently encountered by users.

Connect with us to discuss your support needs

Partner Finder

Benefit from specialist expertise to guide your SAP project. SAP partners provide service and support to help ensure you meet your enterprise goals.

Advance your strategy with SAP-certified solutions

Find SAP partners and independent software vendors that can build SAP-certified, prepackaged solutions to help extend the functionality of your SAP products.

Engage certified outsourcing service partners

Identify certified partners who can operate and run productive installations on your behalf – from cloud and mobile services to application management.

Enhance your project with leading technology

Browse a list of our leading global vendors of hardware, database, storage system, network, and mobile computing technology to support your implementation.

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