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Drive the “business of IT” with SAP Solution Manager for outcome-based delivery

SAP Solution Manager is a state-of-the-art management platform to derive maximum value from your SAP solution. It is included in your support engagement with SAP.

  • Jump-starting SAP S/4HANA implementations with model companies and SAP Activate content
  • Agile methodologies and tools to build what the business needs
  • Efficient management of SAP solutions by improving operation quality and lowering cost of ownership
  • Hybrid support to reap the benefits of cloud-based and on-premise solutions
  • State-of-the-art support for SAP S/4HANA, the SAP HANA database, and all other SAP and non-SAP products

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SAP Solution Manager 7.2 Overview

The new release of the delivery platform provides significant improvements throughout the entire life cycle of SAP solutions.

Focused Solutions for SAP Solution Manager

Focused solutions are turnkey solutions based on SAP Solution Manager – made for immediate consumption. Discover the available focused solutions for SAP Solution Manager in the SAP Store.

View the product road map

Refer to the SAP Solution Manager road map to see how the technology is planned to progress over time.

What's Included

Accelerate Your SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business Suite Projects

Support your implementation projects with process-driven strategy and content from SAP Solution Manager.

  • Speed the design, configuration, and final preparation
  • Jumpstart with roadmaps, best practices and model companies
  • Agile, iterative build methods and tools
Control Changes to Your IT Environment

Control all software and configuration changes to your IT landscape with SAP Solution Manager.

  • Establish approval processes for change requests, deployments, and analysis
  • Maintain solution quality
  • Ensure traceability and accountability for changes
Speed Test Preparation and Execution

SAP Solution Manager can enable you to improve your testing processes.

  • Gain a central point of access to the complete system landscape
  • Centralize the storage of testing materials and results
  • Support cross-component testing
Make Your Support Organization More Effective

IT service management capabilities supported by SAP Solution Manager can help you manage incidents efficiently and lower support costs.

  • Centralize support message handling
  • Streamline the management of problems and requests
Resolve Problems Faster with Root Cause Analysis

Leverage diagnostics included with SAP Solution Manager to identify, analyze, and resolve problems more quickly – even in heterogeneous environments.

  • Identify performance bottlenecks
  • Isolate exceptional situations
  • Record activity down to single users or processes
  • See changes in your production landscape
Monitor Solutions in Real Time

Centralize real-time solution monitoring – including business processes and interfaces – and avoid critical issues with SAP Solution Manager.

  • Reduce the time and effort involved in system administration
  • Monitor intersystem dependencies
  • Perform proactive solution monitoring
  • Accelerate response time with automatic notifications
Master the integration of on premise and cloud

SAP Solution Manager enables you to incorporate SAP cloud offerings into your existing solution.

  • Control processes end-to-end in hybrid solutions
  • Ease the collaboration between your IT department and your cloud provider
Enable Service-Level Management and Reporting


SAP Solution Manager enables you to easily define and monitor service levels.

  • Get comprehensive reporting that covers every system in your solution landscape
  • Leverage a consolidated report that empowers you to make strategic IT decisions


Take Advantage of SAP Support Services

SAP Solution Manager delivers SAP support services and appropriate service recommendations to help your solutions run better.

  • Manage technical risk
  • Optimize your solution management
  • Gain software correction packages
Make System Administration Easier
Streamline system administration with centralized, unified access to all of your SAP technology.
  • Trigger administration tasks from a central console
  • Execute tasks locally on the appropriate systems
Use SAP Solution Manager immediately with turnkey Focused Solutions

Ready-to-run, highly integrated, preconfigured, and automated solutions that deliver all you need, including additional features, dashboards, and all related training.

  • Ease configuration of best practice processes
  • Risk-free test drive, anywhere, anytime

Get more details about Focused Solutions

Bring Data Volume under Control

Brings transparency to your data, help minimize existing data volume and manage future data volumes

  • Gain Transparency, Reduce Complexity, Decrease Cost and Increase Compliance
  • Jumpstart with Best Practices, Demos and Tools
  • Fiori based easy-to-use apps

Get more details about DVM Processes


SAP Solution Manager 7.2

The new SAP Solution Manager 7.2 release is designed not only to support you in managing your existing IT landscape but also to optimize the value of digitization provided by SAP S/4HANA.

Get the support you need

Access the SAP Solution Manager Website on the SAP Support Portal to learn all about the IT application and solution management platform, which is available for you as part of your maintenance agreement.
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