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SAP Portfolio and Project Management

Portfolio Management

Submit project proposals, prioritize them with current projects, and monitor and review their progress.

Align your portfolio with your business strategy

Get a quick and reliable overview of your entire portfolio, ranging from projects and programs to services. Streamline enterprise project portfolio management (EPPM) to gain a complete view into capital expenditures, R&D performance, and capacity of professional and IT services.

Project Management

Manage projects, tasks, and timelines, while identifying critical paths, assigning resources, and tracking progress.

Manage project operations effectively company-wide

Access tools to handle everything from project structuring and scheduling to visualization. Support different implementation and finance management models such as Six Sigma, phase gate, critical path, and product and cycle-time excellence (PACE).

Resource Management

Identify the right resources, check availability, optimize utilization, and avoid project bottlenecks.

Execute the right project with the right resources

Optimize your human, capital, and equipment assets based on project need, qualifications, and availability. Identify future resource needs and deploy them according to organizational structure, location, skill, and business requirements.

Detailed Product Scope

SAP Software Accessibility

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