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Harness APIs to unlock information and create unique services

Winning companies are disrupting their industries by leveraging economies of scale in unprecedented ways. These companies are able to drive these economies within and beyond their immediate organizational boundaries by leveraging digital channels to build a surrounding ecosystem of buyers, partners, and suppliers.

Unlock new business opportunities in the API economy

Put the right APIs in place to accelerate key processes, share order progressions with your customers, coordinate shipments with your logistics partners, and expand your routes to market.

  • Enable powerful information exchange across people, applications, networks, and devices  
  • Change processes quickly, introduce new offerings, and improve customer engagement
  • Drive continuous innovation by quickly creating new business models

Why SAP?

Below are suggested solutions from SAP that are key to embracing the API Economy.

Maximize the exchange of value between you and your consumers with APIs.


SAP Integration Suite

  • Leverage full lifecycle management capabilities  to design, publish, and manage APIs
  • Expose processes and data as APIs through their complete end-to-end lifecycle
  • Engage with application developers and monetize your digital assets through API portals

SAP API Business Hub

  • Explore, discover and leverage a wealth of SAP and Partner built APIs to jump start your journey to the API Economy

SAP API Management

  • Leverage full lifecycle management capabilities  to design, publish, and manage APIs
  • Expose processes and data as APIs through their complete end-to-end lifecycle
  • Engage with application developers and monetize your digital assets through API portals

See how our customers are succeeding with SAP

Leading with APIs to create a new sales force automation platform

  • Enabled the IT department to acquire new skills and opportunities
  • Increased productivity due to better UX and speed
  • Improved order creation and customer data access under a multi cloud environment

Taking an innovative API approach to transform freight delivery

  • Lower freight costs through real-time visibility of market prices
  • Ability to meet dynamic logistics needs with real-time rates pricing and guaranteed capacity
  • Instant market price visibility with real-time, guaranteed load pricing

Creating a seamless order management and invoicing processes leveraging APIs

  • 150% quarter-over-quarter growth in digitally sanctioned limits
  • 5,000+ channel partners onboarded
  • 2.2 billion INR in disbursed channel finance

Two men in a meeting discussing APIs
Woman using APIs on her tablet in a warehouse

Embracing APIs to accelerate new ways of doing business

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