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SAP HANA IoT Integrator by OSIsoft

Information Technology meets Operational Technology in the Internet of Things

The SAP HANA IoT Integrator solution by OSIsoft joins the power and advanced analytics of the SAP HANA platform with the OSIsoft PI System – an enterprise infrastructure for connecting sensor-based data, operations, and people to enable real-time intelligence.

Why SAP HANA IoT Integrator by OSIsoft?

Because SAP HANA IoT Integrator by OSIsoft is the only mutually architected HANA smart data access based connector between SAP HANA and the OSIsoft PI System.

With SAP HANA IoT Integrator by OSIsoft, you can:

  • Integrate data from operational systems with SAP HANA
  • Enhance and speed decision making with advanced analytics
  • Increase enterprise intelligence and transparency for operational and business processes
  • Analyze data derived from business and operation systems for key business decisions
  • Optimize assets and processes for operational efficiency, sustainability, quality, and safety
  • Support continuous improvement programs, reduce costs, accelerate profitability analysis 

Read the solution brief

Learn how SAP HANA IoT Integrator can simplify the lives of business users and IT staff:

Functional Capabilities

Fast access to smart-device data for advanced analytics
  • Provides a reliable and robust data infrastructure
  • Optimizes the connectivity and availability of operations and business data
  • Combines time-series data with transactional business data
  • Enables enhanced business analytics
  • Accesses the rich data sets generated by control and automation systems and smart devices
  • Delivers applicable business insights
  • Merges operations data from OSIsoft with business data from SAP and third-parties
  • Supports most national and industry best-practice doctrines for security
Finding business value in the Internet of Things
  • Helps Utilities companies:
    • Enable smart grids
    • Handle volatile renewable energy resources
    • Improve returns on their assets
  • Offers additional insights for:
    • Real-time grid analytics, leakage and fraud management
    • Outage prevention and management,
    • Consumption and load analytics
    • Asset health management and predictive maintenance
    • Demand response management
    • Commercial load planning and virtual power plants
    • Management of wind farms
Helps Oil & Gas companies:
  • Reduce drilling days per well
  • Extend the life of production assets
  • Improve operational awareness
  • Offers additional insights for:
    • Drilling optimization
    • Leakage detection
    • Geospatial integration
    • Fuel management
    • Asset health management and predictive maintenance
    • Feedstock supply optimization
    • Transmission line-lack management
    • Regulatory compliance
Improving efficiency, sustainability, quality and safety
  • Combines historical, real-time and predictive insights
  • Gives enterprise stakeholders greater insights
  • Enables new insights for continuous operational improvements
  • Facilitates new and actionable insights across the organization

System requirements for SAP HANA IoT Integrator by OSIsoft

System and software requirements vary according to specific customer scenarios – please refer to the SAP HANA IoT Integrator by OSIsoft Sizing Guide for details. Also, please see the SAP HANA IoT Integrator by OSIsoft Product Availability Matrix for the latest information on updates and releases.

Licensing and purchasing options for SAP HANA IoT Integrator

The modular structure of SAP HANA IoT Integrator allows you to license and pay for only the functionality and number of users that you require at any given time. Start with the packages and licenses your organization needs right now and add more users and functionality as your needs evolve. This product is deployed on premise and requires a perpetual license.

Please contact your local SAP account executive for additional licensing and purchasing options.


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Consult Licensing SAP Software: A Guide for Buyers for general licensing information

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