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Working Capital, Treasury, and Risk Management

Tackle today’s economic challenges by managing cash flow with connected, intelligent, and real-time treasury.

Get real-time cash visibility, improve liquidity, and lower risk

Optimize your working capital and automate your operations with integrated treasury management solutions from SAP.

Optimize cash, liquidity, and working capital

Confidence is key when optimizing costs associated with bank services, planning future cash flows, and getting long-term guidance on treasury operations. With SAP solutions, you gain real-time access to global bank balances, centralized management of bank accounts, and comprehensive controls for account opening, closing, and signatory management.

Streamline payments and bank communication

As your company grows, so does the complexity of your payment processes. By simplifying and centralizing enterprise-wide payments with SAP solutions, you can reduce the risk of fraud, increase transparency across multiple banks and financial institutions, and automate workflows from start to finish.

Invest confidently and mitigate financial risks

The right tools are critical to make smart investments, deploy assets effectively, mitigate financial risks, and comply with regulations. SAP solutions fulfill that promise by helping you automate financial instruments, simulate threat severity, and respond quickly to changes in risk positions, commodity prices, and currency conversions.


Manage inflation challenges

SAP has the right solutions to help guide you through these unprecedented times.

Explore working capital, treasury, and risk management solutions from SAP


Financial risk management

Monitor risk positions, commodity price changes, and currency conversion rates to develop compliant hedge accounting strategies with a full audit trail, and limit exposure. 

Debt and investment management 

Gain insights into available cash, bal­ance risk and return, and automate repetitive tasks, while monitoring all investments to protect against risk. 

App extensions and machine learning

Extend your treasury capabilities through standard SAP and partner-supported applications on SAP Extension Suite.


Payments and bank communication

Directly connect with banks and financial institutions using a multibank, digital channel with embedded SWIFT technology.

Cash and liquidity management

Reduce the time and effort required to obtain cash information, un­derstand cash requirements in seconds, and im­mediately trigger any necessary actions from within the application. 

In-house cash control

Address challenges associated with managing fragmented cash balances and payment processes by empowering your treasury professionals.


Centralized payment operations

Boost transaction speed, accuracy, throughput, and reliability with inbound and outbound management of transactions and data.

Full payment transparency

Lower payment-processing costs by accessing real-time status of message queuing and clearing and accurate cash forecasts.

Smooth, secure, and cost-effective payments

Reduce operational risk by supporting process integration with configurable rule-based payment-message routing.


Connect businesses with financial institutions

Create a multi-bank, digital channel between your ERP system and your banks that offers embedded EBICS and SWIFT connectivity.

Increase control, efficiency, and transparency

Refine and simplify treasury operations by updating payment status and cash positions automatically in your ERP system.

Boost the reliability of your banking network

Automate manual, error-prone steps associated with the execution and reconciliation of payments, order-to-cash applications, and order entry documents.


Early payment discounts

Capture discounts to realize tangible savings in your bottom line, improve profitability, and earn risk-free returns.

Access to third-party funding

Take control over your cash flow by crafting programs that meet each party’s liquidity goals and improve supplier relations.

Affordable receivables financing

Seize growth opportunities, improve your balance sheet, and optimize liquidity by unlocking cash trapped in your receivables.

Preservation of cash

Enhance supply chain elasticity by lowering in-transit lead times and optimizing scale while managing inventory and demand.


Enable a fast, streamlined setup

Get up and running in just a few minutes with a simplified approach to onboarding SAP Market Rates Management.

Avoid the need for separate contracts

Consume data directly from leading providers with select product editions – without requiring a separate contract.

Automate you daily import processes

Import daily market rates automatically from your chosen provider or your own data source.

Event Spotlight

SAP for Treasury and Working Capital Management Conference

Join us for our upcoming in-person events, presented by SAP and TAC Events. Gain powerful insights into how SAP treasury and working capital management solutions are helping treasurers worldwide ensure their companies thrive in the face of political uncertainty, security risks, and economic volatility. We will feature real-life case studies and practical takeaways from SAP customers.

EMEA Event
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
June 20-22, 2023
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Americas Event
Chicago, Illinois, United States
July 18-19, 2023
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