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Image of a globe representing the international treasury conference

EuroFinance 2019 – International Treasury Management

Join the world's leading International Treasury Event from 16 - 18 October in Copenhagen, Denmark. The fresh new program is based on 1000+ conversations with treasury leaders around the world.

Manage financial risk

Are you facing financial risk due to foreign exchange volatility, interest rate fluctuations and commodity price variations? See how SAP solutions provide insight into FX exposures to help mitigate risk and secure your hedging policies.


Solve your specific needs for treasury cash management

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Increase visibility and control with integrated bank connectivity

Connectivity between your financial system and banking institutions is essential for daily financial operations. Learn how the SAP Multi-Bank Connectivity solution lowers the barriers to entry for companies to connect with banks globally. 

Controlling your treasury in the digital era

Learn how our integrated treasury solutions let you run faster data analyses, forecasts, and simulations based on a single version of all financial information – anytime, from any device. 

Predictive analytics for corporate treasuries

 Hear how the right tools can help treasury managers take full advantage of Big Data, improve business and financial forecasting, and mitigate risk exposure in world markets.

Choose your SAP software for corporate treasury and financial risk management

SAP Treasury and Risk Management

Optimize your capital structure and mitigate risks with our in-memory treasury software. Integrate cash flows, transactions, commodity positions, and market data. And optimize straight-through processing with instant analysis, audit trails, and reporting.

  • On-premise, cloud, or hybrid deployment
  • Integrated portfolio, covering all treasury processes 
  • Advanced, predictive analytics        
  • End-to-end integration of financial management processes        

SAP Cash Management

Streamline capital management and liquidity accounting processes by integrating data from multiple sources onto a single platform. Use real-time access to accurate information to analyze cash positions by country, currency, company code, or bank.
  • On-premise, cloud, or hybrid deployment 
  • Real-time visibility of global cash
  • Reliable liquidity forecasts
  • Improved cash flow and transparency of working capital

Choose the leader in treasury management

Get the facts


lower treasury/cash management costs.

SAP Value Engineering


lower cost of capital.

SAP Value Engineering


less time to gather data for reports.

SAP Value Engineering

Start your journey toward financial transformation

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Develop treasury strategies for the digital age

Help your treasury master business challenges, meet global financial regulations, and take on a more strategic role. Here’s how our TMS solutions provide the flexibility, security, and collaboration tools that make it easier. 

Get the latest treasury management news and trends from experts

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Carl Snyder
Vice president of US banking solution management

Gain customer loyalty with corporate-to-bank connectivity

Networked digital business systems are table stakes for financial institutions. Yet banks haven't been able to use these systems to connect with commercial customers. Now things are changing. 

Ido Shamgar
Global Product Marketing lead

The journey to Intelligent Treasury

With the rise of the intelligent enterprise, treasury departments globally have new and growing responsibilities. To be effective, treasurers need real-time information to make risk and liquidity decisions and manage critical transaction and data flows. 

Jeff Scott
Nitor Partners

Working capital: the link between procurement, finance, and treasury

There is an old adage that you cannot manage what you do not measure. In response to this conventional wisdom, numerous key performance indicators (KPIs) have been developed in the core working-capital functional teams of procurement, finance, and treasury...

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