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Recruit to retire with SAP AI

Bolster talent management and provide a richer employee experience.

Turn potential into performance

Transform your recruit-to-retire process with SAP AI to closely connect the employee experience to your organization’s business objectives and improve all activities involving recruiting, career development, travel expenses, retention, and offboarding. 

Infuse AI into talent management and the employee experience to:

  • Find highly qualified talent in less time with intelligent résumé screening​​ ​​​
  • Help your workforce reach its potential with personalized development paths 
  • Simplify workflows and focus on critical tasks with intelligent workforce management 

Deliver a better employee experience with SAP AI

Plan to optimize workforce

Use SAP AI to build an HR strategy in-line with business goals and the market landscape.


  • Optimize workforce planning with intelligent staffing analysis

Recruit to onboard

Use SAP AI to optimize talent acquisition: approving positions and defining and executing talent sourcing strategies, recruitment, selection, job offers, and onboarding.

SAP Fieldglass solutions

  • Discover the best job candidates with intelligent résumé screening 
  • Increase candidate applications within a job matching portal 
  • Submit job postings accurately with O*Net Code recommendations

Develop to grow

Use SAP AI to enhance talent development, training, and career development planning.


SAP SuccessFactors solutions

  • Keep employees competitive with tailored learning recommendations 
  • Guide employee growth by showcasing successful actions taken by other employees

Manage workforce and retirement

Use SAP AI to optimize the management of data, requests and inquiries, employee lifecycle events, payroll, reimbursements, and employee retention and experience.


SAP Concur solutions

  • Focus on critical issues with AI-enhanced policy audits
  • Submit expenses efficiently with receipt scanning and form-filling processes
  • Reduce non-compliant spend with audit scenario detection
  • Optimize hotel bookings based on previous stays
  • Identify payment risks immediately with spend pattern analysis

SAP SuccessFactors solutions

  • Complete tasks faster with digital assistants
  • Resolve employee inquiries quickly with service ticket intelligence
  • Act on the most relevant information with personalized employee home pages

See what customers are achieving
with SAP AI

With support from SAP, we have been able to extend the functionality in SAP SuccessFactors solutions to create an innovative solution that helps employees identify and develop the skills that will be vital in the digital world and the future of our company.

Gabriel de Diego, HR Strategy and Transformation Director, Telefónica S.A.

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