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Today’s tech terms defined in simple language, along with technology use cases, trending topics, and practical tips and guidance to help your business thrive.

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What is subscription management?

Subscription models are growing in popularity, but they can be complicated to manage. This is where subscription management software comes in. 

What is workforce management (WFM)?

Workforce management refers to all the activities and processes needed to manage your workforce – from budgeting, scheduling, and forecasting to tracking employee time and complying with regulations.

Inflation has made agile working capital management business critical. Are you ready?

For decades now, financing costs for businesses have reliably been incredibly low, so liquidity hasn’t been top of mind. But as the world turns, so do economies and interest rates.

What is data mesh?

Data mesh represents a new way of looking at information. It is born from the growing concept that data is actually itself a product, a tool, a means to an end – not simply something businesses gather and analyze later in a backward-looking attempt to understand things that have already happened.

How to create a learning culture

Today's business moves at light speed and to compete and thrive, organizations must become agile, resilient, resourceful and decisive. The best businesses know that if they are to win in today’s business climate, they must prioritize and commit to continuous workplace learning and development.

What is PSA software?

Today’s professional services firms find themselves in a particularly complex position – and are eager to find answers and solutions. Fortunately, cloud-based PSA software solutions have come of age.

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