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SAP HANA XS Advanced - Access SAP HANA Interactive Education

By Lsubatin

This tutorial will walk you through the prerequisites and initial setup to enable the SHINE objects in XS Advanced


You will learn

Import a pre-configured SHINE (SAP HANA interactive Education) module and generate additional sample data.

Step 1: Import SHINE modules

Right-click on the Workspace and click on Import:


Then click Browse:


Navigate to the folder on the Desktop called SHINE Package and choose the file


Click on Extract Archive and then on OK

Import archive
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Step 2: Set the project space and edit setting

Right-click on the imported project and go to Project Settings:

edit settings

Set the space development to the project:

edit settings

Close the settings dialog.

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Step 3: Build the SHINE database modules

You will build the database modules first.

Start with the module user-db. Right click on its folder and then on Build:

build user-db

And make sure the build is successful.

build user-db

Repeat the steps with the core-db module. The rest of the modules will be built automatically before they are run in the next step.

Note: There are some prerequisites for the SHINE model to run properly that have been fulfilled for you in the Virtual Machine provided at TechEd.

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Step 4: Run the SHINE applications

You will now run the modules. They will take a bit longer because they will be automatically built first.

Right-click con the user-js module and then click on Run->Run as->Node.js Application

Run modules

Then run the core-js module:

Run modules

Then run the user-java module:

Run modules

Check all the modules are running. You can quickly verify because you will see a green tick next to each one of them:

Run modules

Finally, run the web module. Right-click on the web->resource->launchpad->index.html and click on Run:

Run web modules

A new tab will open in the browser. You can click on the generated URL if the pop-up blocker did not allow the application to start.

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Step 5: Check prerequisites

You may need to log in again. Use XSA_DEV and the password you set up.

Log in to SHINE

The first execution of the SHINE launchpad will help you make sure the technical prerequisites are fulfilled. Click on the Check Prerequisites button:

Run web modules

Any missing dependencies will be marked for you. Click on each of the buttons for them to be automatically corrected:

Run web modules
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Step 6: Generate data

You are finally presented with different options in the launchpad. Click on Generate Data:

Generate data

You can increase the number of transactions in your database or reload master data:

Generate data
What does the URL look like for the DATA GENERATOR site?

Updated 11/30/2017

Time to Complete

15 Min



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