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Customer Snapshot: Overview

2 weeks for measurable ROI

Family-owned B&G Manufacturing has grown since 1946 into a US$40 million business with over 190 employees. Since smart planning, forecasting, and clear visibility into operations and finances are essential, SAP solutions have helped B&G keep their balance, bringing unified insight into customer management and sales performance.

B&G Manufacturing

US$32.4 million (2011)

Number of Employees

Line of Business
Finance, Manufacturing, Service, Supply Chain

SAP Solutions
SAP Business All-in-One, SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII)

Hatfield, Pennsylvania, USA

Customer Website

Implementation Partners
Dell Inc., Answerthink

Industrial Machinery & Components

Customer Snapshot: History

Family Owned and Managed for Over 60 Years

B&G Manufacturing is world-renowned as a manufacturer and supplier of threaded fasteners and machined parts, serving equipment manufacturers and industrial users in the power generation, mining, transportation, petro-chemical, nuclear, aerospace, marine, and medical industries.

The Challenge

Strategy Starts on the Shop Floor

B&G’s homegrown, flat-file infrastructure wasn’t helping them match capacity with customer demand or forecast future consumption. This was especially seen on the shop floor, where work scheduling and capacity planning were becoming leaky points in the information flow, as paper documents traveled manually from station to station.

Enter SAP

Ready for Action

In looking to streamline shop floor control, and with ready acceptance of SAP Business All-in-One for IM&C, SAP MII looked like the next important step. The company’s SAP support personnel recommended Dell Infrastructure Consulting Services as an implementation partner, based on industry experience and fit with B&G culture.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Turning Data into Results

Having upgraded to the SAP Business All-in-One for Industrial Machinery & Components solution to support comprehensive modeling, forecasting, and planning, B&G has high praise for the SAP MII implementation team. They brought a formalized approach to project management and an online collaboration tool that is crucial to success.

Better Business: Benefits

Seeing the Big Picture

Since automating shop floor confirmation, B&G enjoys 99% accuracy on quantity and labor inputs. Staff understands how daily responsibilities affect marketing and sales, and productivity has improved through instant performance feedback. Supervisors can now consult real-time reports before they walk through the plant checking progress face to-face.

Better Business: Run Simple

A Winning Team

The integrated SAP solution at B&G combining SAP MII and SAP Business All-in-One for IM&C has changed the entire corporate culture and tightened team spirit throughout the company. In the past, they didn’t understand how to set a course and correct it, but now they are all about working together to plan and fine-tune performance against plan.

There’s often a cultural wall as well as a physical one between front offices and shop floors. The integration among SAP MII and our other solutions helps everybody feel like we’re all on the same team.

Journey Ahead

A Scalable Future

B&G will implement more SAP MII functionality in six phases. With an integrated enterprise-wide overview, they continue to operate a scalable manufacturing and wholesale distribution business – and continue to seek niches where their products are competitive. SAP software is helping B&G discover and evaluate new opportunities – today and tomorrow.

So we innovate...

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