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Customer Snapshot: Overview

>600 Projects created with Ariba Collaborative Sourcing (2015)

CMI (Corporación Multi Inversiones) began with a vision: to create a sustainable impact and offer top-notch products and services. Through this unique vision, CMI has expanded to touch all aspects of Central American life including sustainable energy, livestock, shopping malls, restaurants, finance, and a value chain of wheat and cereals. 

The company’s desire to go paperless and streamline operations led to a search for a cloud-based comprehensive solution that would enhance collaboration and boost customer service while delivering a 360 degree view of the entire corporation. SAP Ariba has helped CMI maintain their competitive edge and improve their overall business processes.

Corporacion Multi Inversiones (CMI)

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Line of Business
Human Resources, Service, Sourcing and Procurement, Supply Chain, Sustainability

SAP Solutions
Ariba Contract Management, Ariba Discovery, Ariba Procurement Content , Ariba Spend Visibility, Ariba Supplier Information and Performance Management , SAP Ariba Solutions, Ariba Collaborative Sourcing

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Number of Employees

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Run Simple

Customer Snapshot: History

A Long History of Responsibility, Excellence, Integrity, and Respect

CMI is a multi-national, family corporation with more than 36,000 employees. In 1920, Mr. Juan Bautista Gutierrez started the first businesses, which developed into what is known today as CMI (Corporación Multi Inversiones). His primary focus was to always base his operations with highly personal, ethical, and responsible standards. Through the years, the operations of the corporation grew and expanded to several countries in different continents.

Diversified investments keep CMI in the forefront across Central America.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Bringing Value to Businesses, Individuals, and Communities

CMI’s mission is to be an international leader of relevant and selectively diversified businesses that generate a sustained value to their stockholders, consumers, clients, suppliers, associates, and the community. Their goal is to be a world-class organization in products, processes, and human capital, participating in a significant manner in multiple markets while growing strategically with outstanding sustainable revenue.

Through sustaining ethical principles, CMI has become a leader in Latin America.

The Challenge

Diversification Led to Decentralization

CMI has expanded their offerings across a wide range of service areas over the past 10 decades. After almost a hundred years of relying on paper-based processes and siloed business units, CMI realized that the first thing they needed to transform business operations was to ditch the paper and improve collaboration among business units and the entities they worked with.

Ensuring a large-scale transformation would Run Simple.

Enter SAP

Many Lines of Business, One Run Simple Solution

CMI looked to SAP Ariba solutions for best-in-class, world-leading business-process management solutions that delivered scalability and a unified platform across all lines of business.

They found their answer in cloud-based SAP Ariba solutions.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Digitizing Processes and Eliminating Paper

CMI created more than 600 projects with Ariba Collaborative Sourcing in 2015 and registered 1,600 suppliers in the network in the same year. Consolidating processes and vendors into one Run Simple solution created a single, transparent source of truth for the entire company. The team was able to digitize and automate all paper-based processes and transfer them to the cloud, saving time, resources, and money for the company.

Eliminating manual processes through a cloud-based solution got them on the right track for success.

SAP Ariba solutions are tools that help us to maximize the synergy among the several business units within our company. – Luis Pedro Recinos, Director, Office of Corporate Projects, Corporación Multi Inversiones

Better Business


Streamlined Processes

With a new transparent system in place, there’s no longer a need for costly and time-consuming internal audits. Decision-makers now have complete control and visibility to monitor activity as needed.

The ROI benefits speak for themselves.

Better Business: Benefits


Staying Ahead of the Competition

One of the challenges of being a highly diversified company is the intense competition across business sectors for priority attention. Now with new procurement processes and centralized best practices solutions, CMI delivers more direct customer service and encourages better cooperation among clients, employees, and suppliers.

This centralized solution has created a 3600 view that helps all areas of the company.

Better Business: Run Simple


A Strong Foundation

CMI can now respond even more efficiently to customer and supplier requests, resulting in higher supplier satisfaction and improved internal efficiencies across the board.

SAP Ariba provides structure and support from concept through execution to help businesses Run Simple.

Journey Ahead


Staying Ahead of Competition on All Fronts

With a unified system firmly in place, CMI operates with stronger customer service and commitment to the community. The company continues to experience rapid growth and increased revenue, and has plans to keep the momentum going strong.

Continuing to aim high and shoot for new goals.

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