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Customer Snapshot: Overview

Hit rates up:

400% for credit products

200% for insurance products

250% for savings products

mBank is a relative newcomer in the personal banking space, but has quickly become the trend leader in customer service and innovation. The secret to their success is staying ahead of customer needs. Their 360º customer insight initiative has led to innovative programs such as the interactive “Light Branches” and personalized “mDeals.”

In a move to understand customer behavior even better and react more quickly to address their needs, Poland's number one online bank looked to SAP for help with predictive analytics.

mBank S.A.

€911 million (2014)

Number of Employees


Visionary Themes
Digital Economy, Run Live, Run Simple

Warsaw, Poland

Customer Website

Line of Business
Commerce, Marketing, Platform and Technology, Sales, Service

SAP Solutions
SAP Predictive Analytics

Customer Snapshot: History

Understanding Customer Service Right From the Start

The bank started their operation over 30 years ago as Bank Rozwoju Eksportu (BRE Bank) and over the years they have systematically developed their competencies in the area of servicing various client groups, continuously enriching their offer. After the brand unification in November 2013, when the mBank name replaced not only the name of the company, but also the BRE and MultiBank brands – the bank gained not only a new image, but also new values.

Today mBank is a universal bank, specializing in servicing all client groups. Acting under the mBank logo, which has different colors depending on the type of the offer, they provide comprehensive services within the scope of retail, business, corporate, and private banking.

Customer Snapshot: Business Model

Passion, Dedication, and Unlimited Ideas

mBank has been a synonym for innovative banking solutions for years. They were the first fully Internet-based bank in Poland and today they set the direction of the mobile and on-line banking development. They are one of the strongest and fastest growing financial brands in Poland, listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange for 23 years.

Customer Snapshot: Success Strategy

Using Technology to Transform Personalized Banking

mBank offers their customers a completely new banking experience, for which they are winning banking awards all over the world. For their nearly one million mobile banking users, mBank stands out for cutting-edge features that range from contextual deals to video banking.

The Challenge

Staying Ahead of the Data

Despite numerous industry awards and accolades, responding to customer demands wasn’t enough to keep mBank at the forefront of the industry. They needed a way to predict future behaviors of their 4.5 million customers to optimize marketing campaigns and deliver the most relevant offers.

The solution was clear: mBank needed SAP Predictive Analytics software.

Enter SAP

A Natural Fit With the Existing IT Landscape

mBank was looking to adopt a predictive analytics solution that would be easily integrated with the existing IT infrastructure. They ultimately selected SAP Predictive Analytics software for their data and analytical modeling tool for its pragmatic, user-friendly solutions.

Enter SAP: The SAP Experience

Connecting on a Whole New Level

Not only was the integration process quick and user-friendly, adoption of the new software was practically seamless. As soon as the system-wide rollout was complete, mBank was able to hit the ground running with new insights. The way is clear for new opportunities to connect with customers with context-specific offers across all channels based on their profiles.

SAP Predictive Analytics has allowed mBank to discover individual customer preferences and identify the next best activity for our marketing efforts. Now we are able to initiate more direct conversations, resulting in a better understanding of our clients on a personal level. — Bartosz Witorzenc, mBank Manager

Better Business

Better Results in Less Time

The new software has increased sales efficiency while simultaneously reducing the cost of sales by automating campaigns and offer activation. From more effortless employee training on the corporate level to customer targeting on the consumer level, SAP Predictive Analytics has revolutionized mBank’s bottom line. mDeals, mBank’s discount program, is now able personalize the number and amount of discounts for each customer based on predictive insights, leading to higher customer engagement.

Better Business: Benefits

Raising the Bar in Customer Service

The increase in customer response rate to marketing offers has been outstanding, resulting in award-winning customer relationship management. Trendy “Light Branches” at high point-of-purchase shopping malls have also caught the consumer eye. Fitted with video screens, smartphone-charging stations, touchscreens, bar stools, specialty coffee machines, and kids’ play areas, the self-service banks empower customers to take charge of their own banking, while providing a positive experience.

SAP Predictive Analytics is giving mBank full visibility into customer behavior and preferences, enabling the bank to build an even more positive experience in the future.

Better Business: Run Simple

Customers are Happier When Business Becomes PersonalWhile some banks are moving toward an online, impersonal, fully automated experience, mBank is taking the best of what technology can provide and building a more enhanced, interactive banking experience. The result is happier, more engaged customers and a bank that can keep attending to a growing demand for new services and offerings.

Gartner Award Winner - Summer 2015


One Run Simple solution helps all customers big and small.

Journey Ahead

Transforming Insights to Stay Ahead of Trends


With predictive modeling in place, mBank is prepared to respond to or to create the next big trend on the horizon. While it’s difficult to gain customer trust when it comes to personal finance, mBank is doing an incredible job of earning that trust by making them feel listened to, attended to, and cared for. The way mBank uses their insight into their customer base of 4.5 million will help drive business forward, make personal banking even more personal, and create more satisfied customers every day.

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