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De’Longhi: Blending the right components for convenient customer experiences

Explore De’Longhi’s journey with SAP

Italian small-appliances manufacturer De’Longhi Appliances S.r.l. set out to achieve best-in-class customer service by making the interactions between customers and its customer service agents more convenient and efficient. The SAP Service Cloud solution gives a single view of the customer, increasing agent productivity, and provides a user-friendly interface for improved customer satisfaction.


view of the customer that covers the whole customer journey.


applications integrated with SAP Service Cloud, harmonizing workflows related to the customer journey.

>1.5 million

interactions per year successfully managed.

Nowadays, being customer centric, having an omnichannel strategy, and equipping your customer service agents with the right tools are essential components in creating excellent customer experiences.

Chiara Bearzatti
Global Consumer Care Manager
De’Longhi Appliances S.r.l.

The Challenge

Making the perfect blend of customer experience

Who wouldn’t like to have coffee with Brad Pitt? He’s the global brand ambassador for De’Longhi, whose “Perfetto” campaign promotes the perfect coffee experience.


When it comes to the perfect customer experience, De’Longhi knows how important it is to remove the obstacles between company and customer. As such, it places a priority on being customer centric and following an omnichannel strategy to encourage convenient and positive customer experiences. It also means having knowledgeable customer service agents, which requires an investment in people, technology, and training. 


De’Longhi set out to create best-in-class customer service experiences. It wanted a user-friendly, high-performing, efficient, and well-integrated tool for customer service agents to be able to conveniently communicate with customers. It also sought smart reporting capabilities based on technology aligned to the latest market trends. 

The Solution

Serving up convenient customer care from a single source

To blend the components of excellent customer experiences, De’Longhi switched from an on-premise customer relationship management system to the SAP Service Cloud solution. 


Customers buying directly from the company Web site typically use the standard channels of phone, e-mail, and now, thanks to the new solution, Web chat.


Each day, customer service agents engage in Web chats with customers who are browsing the Web site and have product or checkout queries. This helps customers better understand De’Longhi’s products before they buy them and lets agents support their sales colleagues rather than purely resolving issues. 


SAP Service Cloud allows customer service to essentially match and support the customer journey by enabling agents to manage prepurchase and promotional-campaign inquiries and product support, which make up the majority of customer contact – all from one place. 

The Result

Improving communication and service delivery for customers

At De’Longhi, customer service agents are enjoying the speed and usability of SAP Service Cloud in their customer dealings. Having everything in one place boosts productivity, reduces query-handling time, and promotes smoother customer experiences. 


The solution is well connected to processes and company channels, such as the Web site, allowing workflow automation for things like repair orders.  


For management, the gained traceability, visibility, and cost opportunity from faster query resolution are key. Plus, the well-structured reporting capability facilitates data-driven decision-making. This is important for detecting new business opportunities and building up personalized services to improve the quality of customer communication and service. 


SAP Service Cloud provides a user-friendly interface, so when customers are browsing the Web site for product information, it’s convenient and comfortable for them to enter the Web chat to get the answers they need in one interaction.

Future Plans

Rolling out new locations and features for SAP Service Cloud

De’Longhi is presently using SAP Service Cloud to support its customer service agents in Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Benelux and Nordic countries, the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Poland. The company plans to roll out the solution to Australia, New Zealand, Slovenia, Croatia, France, and Switzerland.


In parallel, it wishes to develop other new features within the solution based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. It wants to see how these might apply to helping customer service agents interact with and support customers – imagine something like a virtual assistant. 


De’Longhi is also focused on improving certain processes and introducing new ones, such as business-to-business management and a customer channel that might resemble the WhatsApp messaging application or a question-and-answer format with online retailers.

SAP helps De’Longhi run better

Key business outcomes and benefits

  • A single, efficient, and user-friendly interface for customer service agents to manage customer care
  • Enhanced agent productivity, faster query handling, and a smoother customer experience
  • Complete traceability and visibility for management 

Featured solutions and services

  • SAP Service Cloud connects customer service operations to the value chain so businesses can accelerate issue resolution and increase profitability.

About De’Longhi

The De’Longhi Group is one of the world’s leading players in small domestic appliances associated with the world of coffee, the kitchen, air-conditioning, and home care. Every year, its community of more than 10,000 employees contributes to launching products that are increasingly innovative and tailored to consumers’ needs.

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