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SAP Labs Network

SAP Labs Network is a network of SAP’s core research and development entities focused on developing and constantly improving key SAP solutions.

About SAP Labs Network

With 20 labs in 17 countries, the network drives thought leadership globally and in local ecosystems, allowing SAP to innovate, grow, and succeed. 

The art of being globally connected

Being plugged into the local ecosystem is a true advantage, so each lab seeks out partners, universities, and start-ups to build relationships as a trusted peer and thought leader on topics of strategic importance to SAP.  

Each lab has a particular focus on specific applications, technology, or the market. At the same time, our labs are constantly exchanging their best business practices to leverage each other’s unique insights.


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SAP Labs Network Map

SAP Labs Network locations are strategically located in high tech clusters around the globe and reflect our culture of diversity and innovation. 

SAP Labs Network locations map
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SAP Labs Network locations map
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Discover SAP Labs Network

SAP Labs U.S.: For nearly 35 years, SAP Labs U.S. has been in the epicenter of global innovation and technology for SAP customers and partners. The team delivers award-winning user experiences, insights inspired by design thinking, and tremendous cloud knowledge to help customers become intelligent, sustainable enterprises. SAP Labs US continues to grow its investment and influence exponentially by forging close relationships with early-stage disruptors through the SAP.iO program and top technology brands such as Apple, Google, Microsoft, and AWS.

SAP Labs Canada: Operating in the Canadian market since 1984, SAP Labs Canada has a significant R&D presence with locations in Montreal, Waterloo, and Vancouver, building products for global distribution. The organization is one of the largest development centers across the global SAP Labs Network and is now a global hub. With more than 35 years of support, services, and development experience in analytics, database technologies, and customer experiences, SAP Labs Canada is developing the next frontier of the Intelligent Enterprise.

SAP Labs Latin America: Founded in 2006 and based in São Leopoldo, Brazil, SAP Labs Latin America has a culture of success based on teamwork, integrity, accountability, professionalism, and trust. The team is motivated to deliver amazing experiences to SAP customers, employees, and ecosystems with a passion for winning and a commitment to developing true partnerships.

SAP Labs Israel: Founded in 1998, SAP Labs Israel is best known for its work on SAP Business Technology Platform and related services, as well as cutting-edge work on deep learning and computer vision. The R&D center is also responsible for developing a customer identity management platform. The team is focused on developing ideas into great enterprise cloud products and technologies while injecting a startup spirit across diverse activities in the local ecosystem, including early stage investments and strategic partnerships.



SAP Labs Singapore: Bringing together the product engineering and technology and innovation organizations, SAP Labs Singapore focuses on “Creating Impact with a Purpose.” It consists of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Singapore, which pioneered and incubated AI at SAP and is actively contributing toward realizing the Intelligent Enterprise strategy along with other technologies and solutions. 

SAP Labs India: Founded in November 1998, SAP Labs India has become SAP’s largest R&D center outside of Germany. It drives SAP’s product strategy, is responsible for SAP core solutions, and provides product localization and India-specific solutions. SAP Labs India represents the entire breadth of SAP product portfolio and contributes to SAP flagship products, like SAP Business Technology Platform.

SAP Labs Japan: Located in Tokyo, the capital city and the center of economic dynamism in Japan, SAP Labs Japan partners with Japanese companies to shape the future where the cyber-physical system helps businesses run better and improves people’s lives. Its primary focus is on digital supply chain and manufacturing, co-innovation with strategic customers, and Industry 4.0.

SAP Labs Korea: As a key development location, SAP Labs Korea innovates and builds SAP HANA, SAP HANA Cloud, and SAP Analytics Cloud for planning. The organization provides quality engineering and customer-facing support for the SAP HANA database and analytics and leads co-innovation with customers at SAP AppHaus Korea.  

SAP Labs China: SAP Labs China was established on November 20, 2003, in place of its predecessor SAP China R&D Center, founded in 1997. As one of our fastest-growing R&D centers overseas, SAP Labs China has been dedicated to ongoing innovation in 90% of global product lines. Aside from Shanghai, SAP has deployed R&D teams in Dalian, Chengdu, Xi’an, Beijing, Nanjing, and Shenzhen.

SAP Labs Berlin: Established in 2016, SAP Labs Berlin aimed to be the front-runner and thought leader in enterprise application software, focusing on innovating parts of the core business, exploring trends, and developing new technologies. In addition to our labs locations in the Berlin area, we offer SAP Data Space and SAP Innovation Center offices. 

SAP Labs Bulgaria: As a technology-focused development center with more than 1,400 professionals, SAP Labs Bulgaria plays a key role in defining and developing SAP Business Technology Platform. Over 80% of its teams work on cloud-related projects and contributions toward lifecycle management, security, user interface, and experiences across the SAP solution portfolio.

SAP Labs Czech Republic: Emphasizing cloud engineering, user experience, and quality, SAP Labs Czech Republic focuses on finance, sustainability, and business intelligence and development and localizes and maintains core business applications. The R&D hub also provides comprehensive solutions and services that cover the complete product lifecycle.

SAP Labs France: With over 35 nationalities, SAP Labs France brings together people with different backgrounds and experiences to turn creativity into powerful software and help the world run better. SAP Labs France is involved in the development of key SAP products, such as SAP Business One; leads SAP Security Research; and has best-in-class Customer Care and Support teams.

SAP Labs Hungary: As one of SAP's key R&D centers, SAP Labs Hungary deals with complex product development and international product support. Our new office on the banks of the Danube is home to a growing team of more than 1,500 colleagues, representing five board areas, and 39 nationalities. Our teams have expertise in the full development lifecycle, from development through maintenance to product support and cloud operations. 

SAP Labs Ireland: With offices in Dublin and Galway, SAP Labs Ireland delivers services and support to customers in the Americas and Europe and researches and develops planning and analytics solutions for SAP Business Technology Platform. It has roles in commercial sales, partner services, financial shared services, cloud services, e-learning, translations, and license auditing.

SAP Labs Munich: SAP Munich is at the beginning of a new, exciting era - furthering our tradition of collaboration with the Munich ecosystem. Our goal is to be a leading innovation hub in commerce, industry 4.0, and sustainability. To that end, SAP recently sealed a first-of-its-kind partnership with Technical University Munich (TUM), including the construction of a new SAP Labs office for more than 700 researchers on the campus. 

SAP Labs Paris: With more than 600 developers, SAP Labs Paris has a strong R&D team focused on new technologies, such as conversational AI, automated machine learning, and intelligent robotic process automation. Established in 2009, the lab’s R&D strength in new technologies and its openness to the startup ecosystem provides a unique combination to help customers build the Intelligent Enterprise.

SAP Labs Poland: SAP Labs Poland has become the major development center of e-commerce solutions. The organization covers the product lifecycle of the SAP Commerce Cloud solution, implements cloud-native SAP BTP, Kyma runtime, and delivers solutions for its employees under its Intelligent Enterprise solutions delivery center.

SAP Labs Slovakia: Focusing primarily on small and midsize business applications, SAP Labs Slovakia designs and delivers the SAP Business One solution, as well as legal compliance and local best practices. In addition, the organization’s intelligent spend management team aims to unify data to provide cross-product analytics, new product enablement, and enhanced partner integration.

SAP Research and Development Center Markdorf: For almost 30 years, SAP Research & Development Center Markdorf has been the center for development of sustainable software solutions and services. Its cornerstones are SAP S/4HANA Cloud; SAP Environment, Health, and Safety Management; SAP Responsible Design and Production; and SAP Cloud for Energy.

Featured Projects

Personalized Recommendations

SAP Labs Singapore

As part of SAP AI Business Services, personalized recommendations capabilities allow customers to draw insights from historical user behavior and item metadata. They deliver highly personalized recommendations across a broad range of business scenarios  such as learning, career paths, and e-commerce.

Industry 4.Now

SAP Labs Japan

The digital supply chain team in Tokyo delivers innovative business showcases for Industry4. Now that demonstrate the cooperation between humans, robots, edge computing, and augmented reality. At the region’s SAP Experience Center, the team guides customers throughout the supply chain – from product design to operation – with design-thinking and solutions workshops.


SAP Labs Korea

SAP Labs Korea is contributing to the SAP HANA Cloud database, the default persistence in SAP Business Technology Platform. The database’s evolution includes elastic scaling and database-native multitenancy, which further reduces total cost of ownership.

HANA Platform Data Management

SAP Labs Canada

HANA Platform Data Management helps companies manage ever-larger volumes of data in the cloud. The services include Data Lake and HANA, as well as SAP HANA Client interfaces and SAP HANA Cloud tooling. 

SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP Labs Bulgaria

SAP Labs Bulgaria plays a key role in defining and developing SAP Business Technology Platform. Its contributions have turned the platform into a unified cloud environment for solutions supporting application development, data management, analytics, integration, and AI capabilities optimized for SAP applications.

Intelligent Enterprise Solutions

SAP Labs Poland

As the digital backbone of SAP, Intelligent Enterprise solutions deliver and help ensure businesses run at their best. They leverage the standard SAP solution portfolio to provide best-in-class employee experiences and technologies, such as the Best Run TopX initiative, superior digital productivity, and innovation showcases.

SAP Sustainability Control Tower

SAP Labs Czech Republic

As a central ledger of reliable sustainability-related data, the SAP Sustainability Control Tower solution helps set targets, monitor progress, and gain actionable insights with automated and updated performance business-unit and location reports. In return, customers can apply the strategic benefits of corporate responsibility and understand the relationship between sustainability and business success.

Innovation Journey

SAP Labs Latin America

With an intense focus on maintaining and expanding the SAP innovation culture, SAP Labs Latin America is developing an internal product that supports its employees, managers, and operations teams. The innovation offers career development opportunities based on individual professional profiles and experience levels, generating data-driven insights that enable labs leadership to award the best-engaged people and pinpoint areas for improvement.

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