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Automated Data Preparation

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Make predictive technology accessible and simple

Accelerate data preparation and join historical data sets such as demographics, transactions, and service calls.

Harness Big Data analytics with the speed you need

Create and manage a massive volume of analytical data sets – even those with more than 50,000 columns.

Derive more accurate, predictable results

Design complex predictive models, visualise data from internal and external sources, and share insights business-wide.

Predictive modelling

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Visualise data to show relevant associations

Use predictive algorithms in SAP HANA to refine product or entity relationships, enabling you to achieve corporate targets.

Extract and explore customer influence

Understand the connections and relationships between your customers, and uncover those with a strong social influence.

Enhance decision-making with social media insights

Accelerate your customers’ buying decisions by generating product recommendations based on social network analysis.

Predictive Model Management

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Access critical insight into your business

Deploy thousands of predictive models and embed them directly into line-of-business applications and business processes.

Help ensure models run at peak performance

Scale and maintain your machine learning models so they can operate at peak performance, and schedule updates as needed.

Model predictive models end to end

Manage the predictive modelling lifecycle from data preparation to model building, evaluation, deployment, and monitoring.

Embedded Predictive Insights

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Make actionable, accurate decisions faster

Accelerate data scoring and apply predictive models to your databases to respond to a new event at the exact moment it occurs.

Generate code for a variety of target databases

Score and embed accurate probabilities wherever they are useful such as databases, processes, and line-of-business solutions.

SAP Software Accessibility

Product Road Map

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