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Mobile Experience from SAP

Our powerful suite of mobile apps can keep your business moving forward across any industry and line of business.


Join our community of SAP solution experts and customers from various industries around the world to share your experiences and get answers to your questions.

Florian Heretsch
How SAP mobile leverages SAP’s new horizon design

Simply responding to what the new generations want is not enough. It is imperative that we think ahead and revolutionise the modern workplace into something the mobile generations will love, as outlined in our new mobile strategy paper.

Chandra Bhushan Singh
SAP Mobile Start now available for all RISE with SAP customers

Today’s workforce is highly digital and extend across diverse generations and varied industries. Professionals today tend to stay ahead of competition by being able to take actions immediately, stay up to date, on top of business activities anytime, anywhere thereby making use of mobile devices.  

Florian Heretsch
SAP’s mobile strategy paper is here: Why it is so relevant right now

I can hardly think of a time where it has been more necessary than now to take SAP’s unparalleled industry power and put it into a mobile business suite that can help the world run a little bit better. That’s why we have reframed our mobile strategy, reimagining a new mobile experience from SAP for everyone.

Christian Halbach
SAP Warehouse Operator – A new iPhone application for the warehouse

As a warehouse operator, you want one mobile solution that supports in all of your daily tasks ranging from unloading to picking, packing & shipping. SAP Warehouse Operator optimises business processes and workflows.

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