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Online learning for every segment of your business

Improve performance across the enterprise and beyond with targeted training for employees, customers, and partners.

Online learning for every segment of your business

SAP Litmos offers the world’s easiest-to-use LMS – SAP Litmos Training – and a comprehensive course library – SAP Litmos Training Content. See why thousands of companies trust the solutions to centralise and deliver transformative training to employees, customers, and partners. 


  • Set up, onboard, and get started immediately by integrating with your existing training ecosystem with ease
  • Increase employee engagement and job satisfaction by creating a continual learning culture with SAP Litmos Training
  • Help ensure high-quality learning experiences by using accessible, ready-made content from SAP Litmos Training Content
  • Rapidly reskill and upskill to drive organisational agility and resilience, even in times of change or crisis

Get started with SAP Litmos solutions

  • Get a free trial of Litmos training: Over 24 million users trust SAP Litmos training for enterprise-wide eLearning. Your 14-day trial includes unlimited access to the award-winning LMS and off-the-shelf library of learning content and courses.
  • Watch webinars and attend expert events for the latest updates, insights, and new offerings
  • Get information about our releases and support

SAP Services and Support

SAP Litmos Solutions

Get an overview of services for SAP Litmos solutions and discover how they can help you address key aspects of your project, enforce best practices, and set up your own operations for ongoing success.

SAP Enterprise Support, cloud editions

Embedded in every SAP cloud solution at no additional fee, the SAP Enterprise Support, cloud editions offering is SAP's foundational success plan. Get started to discover the services and tools.

SAP Preferred Success

Realise the value of your SAP cloud solution with our success resources from SAP Preferred Success. Achieve your desired business outcomes and drive continuous value with HXM solutions from SAP.

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