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Network and
Spend Management

Shrink costs and increase profits with intelligent sourcing and procurement

Streamline your procurement processes, reduce risk, and gain greater visibility and control over costs. Our intelligent sourcing solutions and networks can help you automate approval flows, facilitate collaboration with suppliers – and improve vendor and contract management with targeted spend analysis

Intelligent Procurement

Intelligent Procurement from SAP Ariba automatically sorts through a wealth of spend, supplier, policy, and risk data – more information than any individual or team can view or manage – to interpret the best course of action at critical points in the procurement process.
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Open up new ways of doing business

Learn how intelligent procurement automates everyday decisions, and uncovers patterns, insights, and other information to help you determine the right answers to more complex questions.

Making procurement solutions smarter

Intelligent technologies represent the next frontier. Learn how SAP Ariba is taking advantage of these technologies to help procurement optimise business outcomes.

Solve your specific procurement needs

The future of procurement: one perspective

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fewer steps in the invoice payment process.

American Eagle customer data


reduction in purchase order processing time.

JM Family Enterprises customer data


automation of purchase order line items.

Clariant customer data

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