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Bring intelligence across your supply chain

Hear from SAP and IDC experts on how to enable an intelligent supply chain, collaborative planning, and smart asset management throughout your organisation.

Solve your specific supply chain needs

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Balance supply and demand in real time

Find out how you can sync your global supply chain systems and processes – and use predictive analytics and machine learning to confidently meet demand. 

Create a smart, connected digital supply chain

Learn why it’s essential to adopt digital processes that are fast, nimble, and intelligent enough to profitably serve segments of one to succeed in the digital economy.

Connect planning processes to optimise outcomes

Increase cost-effectiveness, and balance-sheet utilisation by improving decision-making with a common platform for integrated business planning and cloud analytics.

Choose your SAP supply chain management software

SAP Integrated Business Planning

Combine sales forecasts, inventory targets, supply plans, and financial plans – with SAP Integrated Business Planning. Get end-to-end supply chain visibility and analytics, run what-if planning scenarios and simulations, and easily adjust and adapt on the fly.

  • Cloud deployment 
  • In-memory technology
  • Fast implementation
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Supply chain collaboration

Work with partners across your supply chain, including multiple tiers of suppliers and contract manufacturers – in real time. This collaboration platform gives you full visibility across multiple time horizons and can help you improve supplier relationship management (SRM).

  • Cloud-based deployment
  • Broad supply chain collaboration 
  • Supplier onboarding and support
  • Actionable intelligence

Strategic sourcing

Digitise and automate the source-to-contract process for all spend categories – services, indirect materials, and direct materials. Easily find qualified suppliers, speed up sourcing and procurement cycles, and negotiate best-value agreements that provide sustainable savings.

  • Cloud deployment
  • Integrated master data across systems 
  • Pricing and forecasting visibility 
  • Product lifecycle sourcing

Explore additional SAP technologies

What are industry experts saying about SAP?

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fewer days in inventory with dynamic, frequently updated forecasts.

SAP Performance Benchmarking

decrease in unplanned costs with improved visibility into in-transit and network-wide inventory.

SAP Performance Benchmarking

Elevate the supply chain to the next level

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Drive differentiating value with digital business planning

At a time of supply chain transformation, digital business planning helps improve planning efficiency and enhance planning intelligence to provide competitive advantage.

Fulfill future demand with a real-time supply chain

Deliver on changing customer demand with high-quality products and profitable supply-chain operations by combining Industry 4.0 practices and SAP Integrated Business Planning.

Browse a library of supply chain planning resources

Explore a wealth of resources that show how digital business planning leverages new technologies to make planning easier, faster and smarter.

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