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Установіть зв’язок із даними для отримання бізнес-результатів у хмарі

Приймайте рішення без вагань у режимі реального часу, поєднуючи керування даними In-Memory з розширеною аналітикою – усе в одному хмарному рішенні.

Стратегія переходу на зберігання даних у хмарі

Дізнайтеся, як хмара змінює підхід до зберігання даних, проаналізувавши наявні інвестиції в цифрову сферу та дізнавшись про доступні варіанти.

Важливість уніфікованих даних і аналітики

Отримайте доступ до безлічі стратегічних переваг з аналітичними даними від 420 лідерів в області стратегій роботи з даними про сучасні проблеми, інноваційні стратегії та пріоритети автоматизації.

Get started with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Find the information you need to implement, maintain, and enhance SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

Learning journeys

Find the right training and certification with our visual learning guides, and map out the best learning plan for you and your team with courses and exams that are tailored to different roles.


Listen to our webinar series to hear from experts on technical and business topics to discover the latest information in data management and analytics to provide business value.

Additional learnings

Understand cloud-native data warehousing with SAP and learn how to create data models and visualisations.

Leverage business content packages for SAP Data Warehouse Cloud

Jump-start your project, accelerate implementation, and get inspiration on measures and KPIs for industry, line of business, and cross analytics scenarios with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud content.

Sales and store analysis for retail

Analyse transactions and consumer behaviour – in one place, from anywhere, and in real time – with SAP Consumer Sales Intelligence and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

Note: SAP Data Warehouse Cloud content packages from SAP and partners are available in-product in the Content Network. Content packages may be free of charge, priced, or available as a trial. Any commercial aspect of a package is also documented at the package level.

Product Documentation

Explore your SAP Data Warehouse Cloud solution in detail and get future insights into the future direction of the product.

Administration guide

Find information about how to adminstrate and operate SAP Data Warehouse Cloud.

modelling guide

Create a trusted self-service data warehouse environment with data models. Enable business analyst to prepare, govern and secured data models with data and business knowledge in their domains. Ensure they multiply their domain knowledge to be used by others, ensuring accurate and consistent information.

Feature scope description

SAP Data Warehouse Cloud is a persona drive data warehouse. It is a fully managed service suitable for both business and IT which comes pre-integrated with SAP Analytics Cloud. Here is a high level list of the features that are available for it.

Community and Events

Join your regional customer community

Network with others on SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, get insights from product experts, share your knowledge, and attend year-round events by joining the SAP Customer Experience User Community in your region.

Expert Services

Put your SAP project on the path to success from day one.

Expert guidance and advice

Rely on experts to reduce time-to-value, transform your front office, and derive maximum value from our solutions – with SAP Digital Business Services.

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