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Design to operate with SAP AI 

Optimise product lifecycle management to deliver at your best.

Turn concepts into market-leading reality

Transform your design-to-operate process by using SAP AI to streamline manufacturing and strengthen product lifecycle management (PLM). With SAP AI, you can improve all activities related to identifying, acquiring, designing, prototyping, and decommissioning products or services. 

Infuse AI into your supply chain and manufacturing process to:

  • Predict customer demand reliably with AI-powered demand forecasting
  • Improve quality management with intelligent anomaly detection and visual inspections 
  • Streamline operations and maximise efficiency with predictive maintenance 

Deliver a better product lifecycle management experience

Plan to optimise fulfilment

Use SAP AI to improve supply chain processes and manufacturing fulfilment strategies. 

SAP Integrated Business Planning

  • Forecast near-real-time demand with next-generation demand sensing 
  • Forecast accurately with level shift and sales quantity trend change detection 
  • Reduce inventory carrying costs with predictive material and resource planning 
  • Classify and segment proposals automatically with intelligent segmentation 
  • Identify job anomalies with master data anomaly detection and recommendations 

Make to inspect

Use SAP AI to optimise manufacturing processes: production planning, operations, quality management, performance, and receiving. 


SAP Digital Manufacturing Cloud

  • Improve operator productivity with machine learning-powered visual inspections 
  • Increase production efficiency with streamlined planning and auto-dispatching 
  • Remove bottlenecks in quality control with simplified and automated defect detection 


  • Streamline quality inspections with defect code suggestions  
  • Simplify defect logging and communication with digital assistants 

Deliver product to fulfil

Use SAP AI to optimise order promising, shipping, warehouse management, and logistics.


  • Enable quick actions toward prevention with emissions forecasting

Manage fulfilment

Use SAP AI to optimise manufacturing setup, sustainability, managing service partners, and service data.


  • Enable quick actions toward prevention with emissions forecasting 

Acquire to decommission

Use SAP AI to enhance the lifecycle management of products, such as acquisition, production, onboarding, maintenance, offboarding, and decommissioning.


  • Prevent asset failures with master data anomaly detection and recommendations

SAP Predictive Asset Insights

  • Close out maintenance jobs efficiently with object part and damage code suggestions 

See what customers are achieving
with SAP AI

Intelligent demand sensing enabled by SAP IBP for Supply Chain helps us reliably predict demand for a wide range of products, so we can meet our goals for greater production and growth.

Alfred Benny Christensen, Senior Solution Architect, Arla Foods Amba 

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