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Enterprise Agility

SAP Analytics Hub offers IT administrators and content authors a simple way to manage enterprise-wide access to all analytics scattered across multiple applications and platforms. The solution helps avoid report proliferation and duplication and helps ensure proper documentation of all exposed analytics. And, since all analytics are accessed through the solution, you can track usage and understand which systems, data sources, and analytics are widely adopted.
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A single access point

  • Centralise the repository of governed analytics
  • Eliminate the need to remember links to multiple systems
  • Store metadata and links to source systems

A single version of the truth

  • Select and organise the right analytics
  • Provide analytic information and a clear definition of the data and performance metrics
  • Bridge cloud and on-premise systems

Encourage users to explore

  • Drive toward a data-driven and analytics culture
  • Allow users to discover new analytics that they can trust

Centralised Governance

Since access to all governed analytics is centralised, customers can monitor usage and see which analytics, data sources, or systems are widely adopted. Because SAP Analytics Hub is designed for the cloud, you can power continuous innovations and deploy new features when needed.

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Enable collective insights

  • Engage all users in the community based on their role
  • Encourage end users to contribute views, usage patterns, and comments
  • Allow power users to publish assets and enrich metadata

Provide governance

  • Drive conformity by documenting all assets with the same required metadata
  • Improve trust by using a certification level
  • Help moderators decide which information should be visible

Empower the business intelligence community

  • Distribute roles between IT and lines of business
  • Free up IT teams with a self-governed community

IT Efficiency

SAP Analytics Hub employs algorithms to scan analytics metadata and certifications, user comments, ratings, and endorsements. Plus, you can track usage patterns and audit trail history to recommend the most appropriate analytics for personalised user needs, while complying with privacy enforcement regulations.


And, because SAP Analytics Hub is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution on SAP Cloud Platform, it provides an easy solution that accelerates user adoption and gets you through a fast implementation, up and running quickly in the cloud with no end-user disruption.

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Increase IT efficiency

  • Define organisational structure and roles
  • Empower the community and reduce report backlogs
  • Avoid report duplication, enforce information conformity, and provide consistent definitions for key performance indicators

Start your cloud journey

  • Simplify the adoption of a SaaS on SAP Cloud Platform
  • Get up and running quickly with no additional infrastructure or upgrades
  • Allow continuous innovation

Grow the adoption rate of analytics

  • Monitor usage with generated reports
  • Get upgrade recommendations based on usage patterns
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