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MVV Enamic: Building the energy sales and marketing platform of the future

Explore MVV Enamic’s journey with SAP

MVV Energie AG leads the way in responsible and environment-friendly energy. But that isn’t enough for the leading German energy group and the company’s subsidiary MVV Enamic GmbH. To provide more transformative experiences, MVV Enamic turned to SAP solutions to improve experiences for business-to-business (B2B) partners.



less time for contract creation.



view of customers.


point of access for information on energy-related products and services for customers.

We use SAP Commerce Cloud to digitalise most of our quotation processes. This enables our sales department to conclude a contract in half the time.

Güngör Saritas
Head of Business and Customer Services and Billing
MVV Enamic GmbH

The Challenge

Delivering energy and efficiency as a service

MVV Energie operates all along the energy value chain, focusing on environmentally safe products to get optimal efficiency for the customer and energy-related services. MVV Enamic is the energy group’s B2B business unit. To maximise its contribution to the green global energy transition, MVV Enamic wanted to move from commodities delivery to services delivery with the MVV Solution House project. It envisioned an online marketplace in which business customers could order such services as energy audits and expert consultations with a single click.


The first objective was measuring, analysing, and optimising the customer experience. Then, MVV Enamic would combine its own solutions with solutions from SAP and consortium partners in its unified Solution House to gain efficiencies in cross-partner marketing, sales, production, logistics, and settlement.


The companion B2B online project would integrate lead-to-cash processes and automate the whole pricing and quote process in an online marketplace. Consortium participants would gain economies of scale for managing orders, refining licensing, and instituting a pay-per-use model. They would build a hybrid back office, integrating the cloud solutions with the SAP Customer Relationship Management application, the SAP Customer Engagement Center solution, and SAP for Utilities solutions – all running on premise on SAP HANA.


MVV Enamic hoped co-innovations for the SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Sales Cloud, and SAP Commerce Cloud solutions would enrich cross-partner lead, offer, contract, and compliance management.

Together with the experts from SAP, we maximised synergies with our partners in the MVV Solution House project and enhanced the e-commerce customer experience with our B2B online project.

Christian Skobjin
Business Service Manager
MVV Enamic GmbH

The Solution

Enhancing B2B processes in phases

MVV Enamic and SAP experts began by digitalising individual price calculations for B2B sales as the basis for a 360-degree customer view. Then, they created a central product catalogue to integrate partner product lists.


In the following phase, the team harmonised sales by integrating selected partner presales processes and went live with the hybrid infrastructure for sales and settlement across a subset of partners. The next step was to create an online channel for commerce, supporting fixed-price power and a new product package for gas and energy efficiency. The first marketing go-live also featured functionality for segmentation and campaign management.


Further steps involved developing a scoring engine for KPIs and a platform for sales, including functionality to help customers manage costs and to implement smart meters and charging stations for e-vehicles.


Continuing design and development work refined processes for inbound marketing, automated management of marketing permissions, and integrated new processes across the consortium. The update go-live featured cross-partner product bundling and marketing automation and tracking and included digitalised settlement processes.


The project culminated in the institution of a near-seamless lead-to-cash process, with order orchestration across several partners and full consolidation of settlement. MVV Enamic proved the concept of selling in a B2B model – as one of the first utilities players in Europe to make that crucial transition. The online model reinforces the company’s mission to remain an environment-friendly energy company with the goal of becoming carbon zero by 2040.

Innovating for the future with B2B partners

See how MVV Enamic creates a sustainable future for energy today by developing technology solutions that improve relationships with B2B partners.

The Result

Boosting business and improving environmental responsibility

Today, the Solution House and B2B online projects have helped MVV Enamic realise wide-ranging benefits.


The business case MVV Enamic developed to define the target market and justify the investment in this project represented a rigorous approach to planning that's rare among utilities. The partner network now operates on a single joint infrastructure, eliminating multiple integration steps for partners. And the economies of scale save money that partners can funnel into researching renewable energy and ways to promote sustainability.


Partners greatly simplified their IT landscapes, freeing IT staff from increasing efforts to integrate with partner ecosystems and manage updates. IT personnel also have fewer calls to design reports, since business users can draw their own insights from the 360-degree customer view.


Customers benefit from lower prices, transparent invoicing, and quicker service. Streamlined lead-to-cash procedures save marketing and sales personnel time for more creative efforts. And partner service agents can use SAP Customer Engagement Center to deliver a pleasant and consistent customer experience.

We can now continue to support our customers on their journey toward sustainability while expanding our highly efficient combined heat and power generation to provide environment-friendly regional heating options alongside solutions for digital measurement and e-mobility.

Güngör Saritas
Head of Business and Customer Services
MVV Enamic GmbH

Future Plans

Forging a path toward additional synergies

MVV Enamic plans to add the SAP Service Cloud solution to the mix and extend its Solution House and B2B online projects in the short term by creating a central repository for product and bundle definition and quote management.


The company also intends to further orchestrate order management across connected companies, partners, and third-party vendors. This plan includes unifying processes for invoicing and billing for products and services sold on the platform.


Looking further ahead, MVV Enamic will continue to fulfil its mission by increasing the integration of new green-energy service offerings across the consortium.

SAP helps MVV Enamic run better

Key business outcomes and benefits

  • Economies of scale and new revenue opportunities for participating companies
  • Cross-partner market segmentation, campaign management, and product bundling
  • Reduced costs for cross-partner sales, delivery, and settlement
  • 360-degree customer view and automated fulfilment and billing
  • Increased funds available for research and innovation

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About MVV Enamic

MVV Enamic GmbH is the B2B solutions unit of MVV Energie AG, a leading German energy group. MVV Energie specialises in providing reliable, economical, and environment-friendly energy to industrial, commercial, and residential customers.

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