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SAP Innovation Center Network

Exploring new technologies to solve the world’s future problems.

Our approach

Innovation requires curiosity, courage, and determination. Through SAP Innovation Center Network, multidisciplinary teams from several locations worldwide work on use cases that can't be solved with today’s technologies but require bold ideas. SAP Innovation Center Network combines the diligence and foresight of research with the speed and ambition of a startup.

Learn more about our projects

What if we could help our customers analyse and evaluate data in real time?

Explore data and analytics

What if we could help enterprises build and consume business processes in a composable fashion?

Explore composable processes

What if we could help our customers manage resources seamlessly?

Explore financial flow

Explore our research activities

At SAP, we value fresh perspectives on technology trends and our solutions, impacting more than 437,000 customers and their communities. That's why SAP Innovation Center Network teams engage with the academic community. Our academic partners are embedded into the innovation process and enabled to inspire, explore, and validate their own ideas in close collaboration with our engineering teams and domain leads.

Security and AI research

Inventing the future means identifying and understanding new risks and continuously innovating to mitigate them.

Quantum technologies

We're exploring new ways of harnessing the exponential computer power quantum computing promises.

Academic partnerships

We invite students from all over the world to bring their ideas to life and impact the next-generation of SAP solutions.

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SAP Innovation Center Network keeps a finger on the pulse of software trends and technologies and defines their value for business and society. Customers, students, and future talents are invited to co-innovate with us to shape the future of enterprise software.

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