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Corporate Operations

No barriers, no red tape

Take care of SAP’s assets – like people, buildings, and investments – with a career in corporate operations.

SAP has operations in 78 countries – and our corporate ops people make sure everything runs smoothly. There’s no limit to what you can do: help us run green facilities, secure our data centers, create health-based employee programs, expand our real estate portfolio, and so much more.

What kind of ops do you want to run?

There are many different career paths in corporate operations at SAP. Here, we touch on a few that you might want to follow.


General and administration employees

License auditing services
As a trusted advisor, the team enables our customers to achieve and maintain license compliance. It delivers advisory services on SAP's licensing policy, license entitlements, and audits effective license utilization. This helps to reduce or prevent license exposure risk for SAP customers and partners.

Corporate social responsibility
SAP stands for a higher purpose that goes beyond economic success: our purpose is to help the world run better and improve people's lives. We use our considerable resources and broad reach to help the world’s economy, society, and environment prosper. Together with our employees, the our corporate social responsibility team leads the company in putting our purpose into action with focus on building digital skills, accelerating best-run non-profits and social enterprises, and connecting employees with purpose to help ensure everyone can participate in – and benefit from – today's digital world.

Internal strategic consulting
These strategic consultants and business gurus provide advice and services to the highest level of executive management. They develop long-term growth plans and profitability objectives – and they adapt strategy to address emerging threats and opportunities.

This team creates and delivers health and wellness programs for SAP employees. They are responsible for keeping us all happy and healthy through initiatives like ergonomic work stations, work-life balance consultations, fitness options, and medical support.

Our legal team analyzes risk, counsels the business, and ensures that SAP’s position in legal arrangements is as advantageous as possible. They also ensure that company personnel are aware of and in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Management support
The management support team is SAP’s right hand – without them we would grind to a halt. They provide administrative services for business areas and people, including top brass. They manage schedules, arrange business travel, coordinate events, and more.

Meet some of our amazing employees

See what employees from all over the world say about their SAP experience.

Do your research. What tools will you use to operate?

Learn about some of the technology you’ll use in a corporate operations career at SAP. No matter what your role, we’ll make sure you have access to the best tools on the market. 

Security and data protection

SAP’s security teams use the latest technology to protect our business-critical information. See how our software for security, data protection, and privacy can make your job easy. 

Sustainability solutions

Use market-leading sustainability management and environment, health, and safety management software to help us reduce energy consumption and protect our people, products, and assets.

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Want to work in your hometown, on the other side of the world, or somewhere in between? SAP has offices on most continents, in more than 78 countries – and we’re continuously expanding our presence in new and exciting places. 

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