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Advice Bytes

Advice for a better-run career

SAP knows what it's like to run better. Our vision to help the world run better starts with the people behind our business. At SAP, everyone is a talent. As our talent, we have the power to shape and achieve an amazing career at SAP and have a bigger impact on the world. 

As you reflect on your own career planning and development, we hope you will enjoy this excellent collection of advice bytes that our employees have found to be most impactful on their journey towards career and personal success.

Take Control of Your Career

Taking responsibility by owning your career development and growth is vital for achieving the fulfilling career you want. You will be happier and more productive when you know you are working towards your career aspirations. See what our employees are saying about the importance of taking responsibility and empowering yourself to drive your own career.


Take Risks and Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

Taking risks and stretching yourself beyond your comfort zone can be down-right frightening. But if you are strategic about it, and know when and where to take risks by applying some of the strategies our employees have shared below, you will start noticing all the opportunities you can take on to grow yourself personally and professionally.


Working Around Your Passions

Finding and following your passions can re-energize you and help you thrive professionally. By working around your passions, you can also inspire your colleagues to excel towards excellence and success for your organization. See below how our employees have identified and worked around their passions to achieve an amazing career.


Respecting Your Work and Others

Respect can go a long way in helping you achieve a fruitful and fulfilling career. Check out some valuable advice our employees have to offer around the importance of respecting your work, yourself and others in helping you reach your full potential.


Network for Career Success

Building a solid, strong network at work is critical to getting things done and advancing your career. But meeting new people can be intimating for those of us who are not born as extroverts or natural networkers. Below our employees offer some simple but powerful tips on how you can improve your networking skills and share some of their own networking success stories.


Finding Work-Life Balance / Integration

We all take great pride in our work, and many of us identify who we are by what we do. But when your work begins to heavily and regularly seep over into your personal life, you inevitably spend less time on other enjoyable aspects of life, such as your family and friends. Below you will find some very useful tips our employees have applied to successfully achieve a successful career with good work-life balance/integration.


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