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Stefanie Goffredo

Category Manager for Events in North America  

Stefanie's story

At SAP, we build breakthroughs, together.

SAP offers many opportunities, but it’s the support of leadership and colleagues that’s the true catalyst that enables success.

Stefanie Goffredo

Stefanie Goffredo is a Category Manager for Events in North America within SAP’s Global Procurement Organization.

“I’ve had the good fortune to work at SAP twice! I first joined in 1996 and left in 2000. And in 2013 I came back. In 1996 I was employee number 3 in Events at SAP America – we’ve sure grown a lot since those days!”

We asked Stefanie about her SAP journey.

SAP was a client of the company that I worked for immediately after college. After I left that company, I stayed in touch with some of my contacts and one day got a call telling me about a tradeshow manager position that had opened up – my dream job.

Back then there was no formal procurement organization so everything I do now, I did then – along with running 3rd party events and being part of the core team that produced SAP’s largest hosted events (SAPPHIRE, TechEd, Sales Meeting – now CSS, Leadership Summit – now SAP Select, Top Performers – now Winners Circle). The difference between now and then is the depth and breadth of SAP events, globally. Back then it was dozens of programs, now it’s thousands. I am currently part of the Global Procurement Organization (GPO) supporting SAP Events in North America and am very lucky to be part of a team that prizes inter-team support and global collaboration above all else. It’s good stuff.

Why Global Procurement?

As mentioned, what are now GPO responsibilities have always been a part of my professional experience as an Event Producer. Since Day 1 I’ve gravitated to both the creative and business aspects of the work, and the innerworkings of the client-vendor event ecosystem are particularly fascinating to me. It’s quite rewarding to be able to achieve tangible improvements for SAP by leveraging my experience and innovating how SAP goes to market and engages with the vast array of suppliers servicing the corporate event space that encompasses virtually all marketing disciplines, hospitality, logistics, technology and travel. I often characterize myself as a “fish out of water” in my department because I approach the work in a 360-degree way, wearing my Events hat in my GPO journey. It’s good work with good people, which makes it good fun… most of the time.

How do you explain your role to your friends?

I usually joke and say I’m not even sure what I do, but everyone who knows me knows that I know exactly what I’m doing and that I absolutely love it. Aside from the excellent GPO organization, I have strong bonds with SAP Marketing (my primary internal customer), especially the SAP Global Events team. Because of my 30+ years of expansive event production experience I know that my stakeholders value my input and I am grateful to have a reserved seat at their strategy and daily business tables.

How do you measure success?

For me, success means achieving desired results. These results can be micro or macro, it’s the achievement of them that’s most important.

From a professional perspective, SAP offers many opportunities for this, but it’s the support of leadership and colleagues that’s the true catalyst that enables success. I have many projects to be proud of over my 12+ years - although I’m not sure I’ve had my best moment or greatest achievement just yet, but when that time comes, I know I’ll do it alongside an amazing team.

On a personal level, with two daughters, having something left in my bank account at the end of the day is a success!

Tell us some more about you

I am a mother of two sensational daughters who have introduced me to so many life experiences I’d likely never otherwise have had.

Fun facts

  • My mother was a Radio City Rockette, so dance has also always been a huge part of my life. Within our collective family interests of dance, sports and art, I’m a lover of architecture and a doer of home design and renovations with my amazing husband, Mike.
  • First job:  Working at my mom’s dance studio.
  • What did I want to be as a child? A cashier (this was when cashiers keyed-in all of  the numbers!)
  • Dream job: Art and architecture historian touring people throughout Italy.
  • Desired superpower: Make it be that people want to learn about and appreciate each other, with the natural outcome of it actually happening. I think the world would be a much better place if this wasn’t a superpower but an intrinsic human quality.

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